Michael Cera Falls Over On The Red Carpet Avoiding Kiss From His ‘Magic Magic’ Co-Star

Michael Cera fell over on the red carpet for his new movie, Magic Magic, at the Sundance film festival as he avoided a kiss from his attractive co-star.

Cera, who has made a career out of playing awkward characters, was stood before various members of the press for the premiere of his new film when he began to joke around with the actress, Catalina Sandino.

The 31-year-old hugged the Arrested Development star and then began to lean in towards the younger man in Park City, Utah. But Cera clearly didn’t want to embrace her affection, so he moved far away from Sandino to the point that he was ultimately on the floor, with her on top of him.

Magic Magic is set in a remote area of Chile, and revolves around a vacationing young woman who begins to mentally unravel, and is ignored by her friends.

Cera is also at the film festival to promote another film, Crystal Fairy, but he has still found time to talk about how the return of Arrested Development came about, and how he ended up in the writers’ room, with MTV News.

“Mitch mentioned to me about coming in one day, and I was very excited that he had invited me. I went in, and he said, ‘Come back tomorrow,’ and I kept coming back because I really wanted to stick around until I integrated with them,” stated Cera.

“It was a very small room this year. It was only like five guys. It was really fun and friendly and not too intimidating. There were a few days where there were ten guys in there. I was like ‘Whoa.’ I felt kind of in over my head. Then he just asked me if I wanted to actually come on and actually work there. It was a nice gift from him to me.”

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