WWE News: Austin Aries Invites Neville To A Rematch After He’s Done Serving His Time

Austin Aries’ time in WWE was very short-lived and one that will not go down as one of the greatest things of his career, but he isn’t the only one. It has been close to a year since former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville has wrestled a match in the company, and he may never do it again. Now, Aries has put the word out and let Neville know that he would like another match against him once he has the “shackles off.”

After signing a contract with WWE, Aries ended up staying with the company for only a year-and-a-half before being released. There were conflicting reports as to whether he asked for his release or if WWE flat-out fired him for being difficult to work with, but he was gone as of July 2017.

Neville reportedly walked out of Monday Night Raw in October of last year, and he hasn’t been seen since in a WWE ring. According to Fightful, Neville’s contract with WWE was frozen back in January until terms of a release could be agreed upon, but here it is five months later and there is still nothing new.

Now, Aries is the current Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, and he’s ready to take on his old nemesis once again.

Just the other day, a fan posted a meme of Austin Aries sitting on the ground outside of the ring. He was showcasing a weird smile on his face as Neville stood victorious in the ring. This tweet signified one year to the day of Neville’s victory over Aries at Extreme Rules, and the loser of that match decided to respond.

Aries speaks of being amused at his “repeated failure” as fans wondered the same thing during his time in WWE. Time and time again, it was thought that he would finally get over the hump and win the Cruiserweight Title, but it never happened and then, his time with the company came to an end.

A couple of months later, things went sour for the other superstar in that match and Neville hasn’t been seen on WWE television in close to a year.

Since being released by WWE, Austin Aries has been on the independent scene, Ring of Honor, and has had great success in his return to Impact Wrestling. Meanwhile, Neville is still sitting at home as a member of the WWE roster, and he hasn’t had a match in nine months. If there ever comes a time when the two are able to face off in the ring once again, it certainly would be a rematch that fans would love to see.

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