Olivia Holt Talks New Marvel Series ‘Cloak & Dagger,’ Plus Trailer, Premiere Date, And Plot

Marvel’s newest series, Cloak & Dagger, is just hours away from making its debut. With numerous hit series, such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Runaways, there is no shortage of Marvel programming, and Cloak & Dagger looks to be an intriguing addition. As the Inquisitr documented, the new Marvel show debuts on Freeform on Thursday, June 7, with a two-hour series premiere at 8 p.m. EST.

Created by Joe Pokaski, the series stars Olivia Holt (Tandy/Dagger), Aubrey Joseph (Cloak/Tyrone), Andrea Roth (Melissa), Gloria Reuben (Adina), Miles Mussenden (Michael), and Carl Lundstedt (Liam). IMDb provides the synopsis for Cloak & Dagger.

“Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson, two teenagers from different backgrounds, acquire superpowers while forming a romantic relationship. They soon realize that their powers work better when they are together, but their feelings for each other make their already complicated world even more challenging.”

True to the brand’s form, it seems Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger will likely be as dramatic, if not more so, as it is action-packed. In a recent interview with Collider, Olivia Holt (I Didn’t Do It, Kickin’ It) described the importance of making the teen characters feel real.

“I think it’s the most important, to make this feel very authentic and raw and honest. From what I experience, in every single episode, there are so many important little truths, throughout the entire season. I think it’s important for people to watch that and feel impacted by it, to wanna make a difference, and to wanna use their voice in a positive way.”

During the Collider interview, the talented actor also revealed more about her Marvel character. She described Tandy as being a very cynical person who walks to the beat of her own drum. The character is bold and resilient, and like most teenagers, she’s trying to find herself in the world. The actor remarked that Tandy’s complexities adds to the character’s realism. Olivia Holt also said that she feels lucky to play somebody who has such authenticity to her.

The actor also remarked that the new Marvel series is gritty and cool in an effortless way. Olivia stated that it’s important that they speak truth on the show of what it’s like to be a young, white female in 2018’s America, and what it’s like to be a young, black male in the U.S. At the conclusion of the Collider interview, Olivia Holt revealed that the show will cover heavy topics, including sexual abuse, police brutality, and addiction.


With dramatic themes, an intriguing storyline, and a fresh cast, fans are anxious for the debut of Marvel’s newest series, Cloak & Dagger.

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