Ranch In Wyoming Where Kanye West Hosted Album Release Party Bans Rappers

Kanye West’s album release party for his highly anticipated Ye project on a ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, turned into quite a party, something local residents were clearly not used to or quite happy about, as the event incited multiple noise complaints as well as grievances from the owners of Diamond Cross Ranch, the location where the party was held.

Due to these complaints, the owners, Jane Golliher and her husband, decided not to allow any more rappers to host events of any kind at their ranch.

According to The Blast, Jane Golliher and her husband want “no more rappers” in Wyoming. From Jane’s perspective, she assumed that the disturbance caused by Kanye’s listening session was due to everyone being from “California and L.A.”

This assumption presumably then, according to her, is why the party exceeded 80 decibels, the legal outdoor sound limit in Jackson Hole, by attaining levels around 120 decibels.

The ranch owners were unprepared for the uncontrollable nature of hosting a Kanye West event, citing how the party was supposed to be over by 10 p.m., but West did not even begin playing his music until 9:30 p.m.

Golliher says it was so uncontrollable around midnight that her husband legitimately threatened to pull the plug on everything to combat any further issues unless the rapper shut it down immediately.

On May 31, West rented out the ranch to host his reveal. The open fields were perfect to fit massive speakers, which were arranged in a circle around a bonfire. On top of this, the main barn was fully lit up and West’s neon-colored, Wyoming-inspired hoodies, long sleeves, and hats were distributed as commemorative pieces for the reveal. The whole event was also live-streamed on both the Stationhead and WAV apps, allowing fans to peer in on West’s selected circle as they heard the album for the first time.

The owners also stated that they are indeed open to hosting a “day concert” in the future, but only if hosted by an artist who they deem makes “good music.”

She maintains, however, that hosting Kanye’s party was great exposure for the business but doesn’t shy away from the fact that it was the “most confusing” event the ranch has ever handled.

According to the report, the owner goes on to mention that she severely undercharged the rapper for the privilege to use their location, saying she should have asked for at least $50,000.

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