Shakira & Gerard Piqué Robbed, Thieves Steal ‘Luxury Goods’ From Barcelona Home

Singer Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Piqué had a break-in at their home in Barcelona while his parents were asleep upstairs. Shakira was performing in Cologne, Germany, and Piqué, a professional soccer player, was with her, training for the World Cup with Spain.

The Daily Mail says that luckily, the break-in was non-violent as the thieves were seeking material items like jewelry and luxury watches belonging to the professional athlete, but that the burglars were professional, scoping the thousands of acres that surround the lavish home in Barcelona’s Esplugues de Llobregat.

Piqué’s parents heard nothing and were completely unaware that the home had been robbed until they awakened the next morning seeing that some things were in disarray.

A police spokesman told the Spanish press that they believe the intruders used what is called the “silent method” to get in and out of a house unnoticed.

“These types of criminals usually act very professionally and wear gloves and balaclavas.”

The police say no arrests have been made, but forensic investigators have been on the scene to collect evidence. Many cities in Europe have experienced the same type of professional break-in as celebrity homes in the United States.

Metro says that the robbers took advantage of loud storms in the area to break in and muffle the sound of any noises they were making. This year got off to a rough start for Shakira, a resident of Colombia, in Barcelona as she is under investigation by the Spanish government for tax evasion. At question is exactly how many days of the year the singer spent in Spain for the years 2011 through 2014. The magic number in Spain for any given year is 183 days, and tax experts for the singer claim that she did not hit this benchmark in any of the years in question, and she follows the law.

“As an international artist, she had lived in several places in the course of her professional life, acting in total accordance with the laws of all the jurisdictions she resides in.”

But Spanish prosecutors have been forwarded the case, and say that Shakira could face time behind bars and owe millions of Euros to the Spanish government if convicted.

The Colombian singer and sometimes judge on The Voice says she has been busy working on her tour, but the accusations have added a lot of stress to her life.

“For the last five months, I’ve been dedicated to preparing my ‘El Dorado World Tour.’ However, these past few days, just before my first concerts, have been some of the hardest of my career.”

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