Photo Of Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson Keeps Fans Guessing At Wedding Date

Another Duggar wedding is at hand. Josiah is about to marry Lauren Swanson, but no one knows exactly what the wedding date really is. There have been many guesses as to when they will be walking down the aisle to become husband and wife. However, nothing has been officially announced, which is the family’s way of trying to keep it hush-hush until the deed is done. A photo was posted on the Duggar Family Facebook page of the couple that has set off the chatter once again among fans on when the wedding will take place.

The photo shows Josiah and Lauren posing in a wooded area with the sunlight shining brightly behind them. The lighting captures the moment perfectly. The soon-to-be husband and wife have their arms around each other with Josiah gazing at his fiance. Lauren looks quite happy to be a future Duggar. This snapshot was actually posted on Josiah’s Instagram account last month, but it was just posted on the family’s Facebook page on Tuesday with accompanying heart emojis. This could very well be a clue that their nuptials are happening very soon.

This has Duggar fans still trying to pinpoint the exact date of the wedding. The comments range from guessing their big day to be this coming weekend to possibly sometime in August. They are suspected to have had their bachelor/bachelorette party a few days ago. In addition, they have been engaged for three months now and that is the usual Duggar time frame from getting engaged to the walk down the aisle.

One date that has been thrown around is June 30. There are two babies due very soon in the Duggar family. Joe and Kendra are due on Father’s Day, while Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are expecting their daughter in July. June 30 would be right in the middle of those dates. Hopefully, baby boy Duggar will arrive before then and the Vuolo baby would come shortly after the wedding. Of course, you just never know about babies.

There are many possibilities on when Josiah and Lauren will be tying the knot, including New Year’s eve. That date was on their bridal registry, but that is highly unlikely to be true. It could be that they are timing it just right to be able to air their wedding during the next season of Counting On, which begins on July 30. The likelihood of their wedding taking place before then is very good.

There are always big things happening in the Duggar family. With two babies on the way, the wedding of Josiah and Lauren, and Joy’s first few weeks of motherhood, the TLC crew is being kept quite busy with lots of things to film for Counting On.

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