‘Southern Charm’ Stars Kathryn Dennis & Patricia Altschul Are Showing Love On Instagram

At the beginning of the new Southern Charm season, fans noticed there was a thaw in the relationship between Kathryn Dennis and Patricia Altschul. To say that the two had been frosty toward each other is putting it mildly as the mother of show executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith and the ex of Thomas Ravenel were polar opposites. But now, whether it’s “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing kicking in, or if the two have just softened, things are looking up, and the two are supporting each other on social media and off.

It first caught the eye of fans when Patricia posted a photo of Kathryn, Whitney, Shep, and Cameran out at a lunch date with Cameran’s daughter Palmer. Now it sounds like the two have met up, face to face, and they were even seen out in Charleston with a mutual friend having a nice time out in public. The three ladies were seen laughing and joking at a local restaurant, and at one point they were even joined by cast member Danni Baird.

Now the two ladies are liking each other’s social media posts on the daily, and even commenting on photos and achievements.


Last month, Kathryn even suggested that Patricia is kind of her spirit animal according to Bravo. KD said when she was adding stylish touches to her home, she thought of Mrs. Altschul.

“I knew I wanted to have this really cool vanity with my makeup brushes out, everything my past people hated. I just wanted to display all that fun sh**, like makeup, hair brushes. I wanted it to look like Patricia’s; I was idolizing her vanity in the bathroom. I’m not even gonna lie — she’s like really queen of a real castle that exists. I don’t know, goals, I guess.”

Kathryn said that it was critical that she put her own stamp on her home space, and nobody does that like Patricia.


Just today, Patricia posted artwork by Leslie Carrier on her Instagram page, and Kathryn loved it.

Someone commented that Kathryn wasn’t invited to Cameran’s party, yet she still is being kind, and Patricia responded with a positive comment.

“Very gracious indeed.”

Patricia then added that she liked the art done of Kathryn too.

“Thank you Darlin. I like the one @lesliecarrierart did of you too????.”

Fans were overwhelmed that the two were showing love for each other so effortlessly on Instagram.

“@pataltschul @kathryndennis I cannot wait to see how this season and your relationship develops. I’m guessing (and hoping) it’s headed in a positive direction? #sheecalledherDarlin.”

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