Meghan Trainor Reveals How Fiance Daryl Sabara Inspired Her New Album

Meghan Trainor is revealing how her fiance Daryl Sabara inspired her as-yet-untitled upcoming third studio album. In a new interview with Glamour, Meghan seriously gushed about her man – who proposed to her on her 24th birthday in December — and revealed that she’s written a lot of songs about their romance.

While speaking out about the inspiration being her new album, which will follow 2016’s Thank You, Trainor told the magazine that she’s “very in love, so you’ll hear these beautiful love songs, happy songs, and honest songs.”

Trainor then added that her new album is “fun” and will involve “a lot of dancing” songs.

The star then continued to share sweet details about her romance with the Spy Kids actor, and she couldn’t help but gush over just how in love they are after first confirming their romance in October 2016.

Ahead of their upcoming wedding, Trainor said that she’s “so confident about [our relationship].”

“I’m so in love, and I want to tell the world,” the “Dear Future Husband” singer then continued, admitting that she believes that “it’s almost unfair how lucky” she is to have met her man and to be so happy.

“Every moment of every day we always look at each other like, ‘How did I get you?’ I always say it’s better than the movies,” Meghan continued of Daryl in the sweet interview. “They don’t talk about this kind of love in the movies.”

And it sounds like the pop star has plans to keep on talking – as well as singing – about being so in love with Daryl as their wedding approaches.

“I love talking to people about it,” she said of her relationship with the actor, adding that she just “loves bragging about” their love to anyone who will listen.

Trainor’s latest confessions about her upcoming album and her relationship come shortly after the singer dished on her wedding

As the Inquisitr reported earlier this week, Trainor revealed that she and her fiance actually don’t have a wedding date set yet six months after Sabara got down on one knee to ask the star to marry him under a trail of Christmas lights.

While many may be expecting the star to have an over-the-top wedding to show off her love for Daryl, Meghan admitted that when they do end up getting married, it won’t be a big, lavish affair.

Meghan described her plans for the big day as being “chill” in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, as she revealed that her wedding will probably take place in her back yard with her manager as the officiant making things official.

Trainor also teased that her wedding will probably be a simple garden BBQ with the couple’s closest family and friends.

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