Ariana Grande Wows Readers With New Look On The Cover Of British ‘Vogue’

Ariana Grande has become known for the signature high ponytail she says she wears because of years of damage wrought on her hair by coloring and bleaching early in her career. On the latest cover of British Vogue, she breaks that mold and shows the world her pretty freckled face with those gorgeous locks down. It’s no shocker that she looks beautiful.

The new, more mature look is appropriate given the title of the story in which she’s featured on the magazine’s pages: “The Year That Changed Everything.” Wonderwall reports that Ariana gets personal in the story and shares the PTSD-like symptoms she developed after a suicide bomber attacked as fans left her Manchester show just over a year ago.

Ariana gets real on the pages of British Vogue and more real than ever before on the cover. Gone are the heavy eyeliner and foundation. In their place are barely-there eyeliner and skin that shows no sign of foundation, just a healthy glow. Gone is the dark hair pulled back tight from her face. In its place are shiny honey-blonde tresses that fall gently around her face. Some who saw today’s Instagram post didn’t even realize it was Ariana at first.

It’s not the first time the singer has gone lighter with her hair. She recently posted pics of herself in gorgeous platinum blonde hair and got rave reviews from followers.

Grande has been in the headlines a lot lately but for other reasons — her relationship with Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson. As reported by Billboard, they both recently went through the breakup of long-term relationships. Ariana’s was with Mac Miller. Pete’s was with Cazzie David. He took their relationship public on Instagram that showed a photo of him and Ariana dressed in Harry Potter cloaks with the caption “the chamber of secrets has been opened…” The next day Ariana followed suit with a post of Pete kissing her cheek with her platinum blonde hair in a ponytail.

Fans of both Grande and Davidson have had fun following their Instagram accounts and watching them comment on each other’s posts and keeping up with their travels. They both seem willing and eager to hop on a plane to be there for each other. That’s just what Ariana did when Pete opened for Dave Chappelle in Atlantic City and what he did so he could see her Wango Tango performance. (He apparently was floored by the way and reacted with “Are you f***ing kidding me!!!??”)

During that Wango Tango performance, Grande was back to her trademark long tresses, so it doesn’t seem it’s going anywhere. Not that it matters. She’s gorgeous either way.

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