Jazz Jennings To Undergo Experimental Gender Reassignment Surgery, Filming It For TLC Show

Jazz Jennings and her family star on the TLC reality television series I Am Jazz, and she just shared that she will be allowing viewers to follow along as she goes through a big, complicated, and potentially scary change. Fans of the show know that she has been preparing to have gender reassignment surgery and now Radar Online details that she’ll let TLC’s cameras film it all for future episodes.

Radar Online shares that the TLC I Am Jazz star revealed in a recent YouTube video that her gender reassignment surgery is scheduled to take place on June 26. Jazz Jennings says that she’s “super excited” for it and that she’s been ready for it her entire life. Jennings calls it a gender confirmation surgery, and she thinks it’s “insane” that the surgery date is almost here.

Jazz notes that she’s received a fair amount of criticism for being so open about doing this very personal surgery. However, the TLC star believes that it’s important to educate others and help other families within the transgender community. I Am Jazz has followed the Jennings family for some time now as they all adjust to Jazz embracing being transgender and having TLC film the surgery surely feels like a natural next step to them.

The 17-year-old goes into great detail about her various thoughts on changing her genitalia with the surgery, joking that it may be too much information for some followers. Jazz says that as far as she’s concerned, not being able to pee while standing up is probably the only drawback she anticipates with the transition.

However, that change in bathroom habits apparently will easily be countered by the freedom Jazz will have now in choosing clothing that she likes. For example, Jennings says she is excited to wear leggings and sweatpants that she couldn’t really wear before, and she explains that even at the age of 3 she knew that she was headed in this direction.

Jennings says that she’s not feeling very worried about the surgery or potential complications because she trusts her surgeons. She adds that she has a personality where she doesn’t anticipate problems. Instead, she just crosses those bridges when she gets to them if problems arise. The I Am Jazz star does share in-depth specifics about how her surgery will include some experimental components, and she says she’s confident she’ll have good results.

Jazz says that she’ll add a lot of videos to her growing YouTube channel and other social media pages to share her insights and feelings as this all proceeds. This is great news for Jennings’ fans since her videos and social media updates will surely come much more quickly than the I Am Jazz episodes featuring the transformation. Jazz Jennings and her family have a lot of support as they approach this surgery, and people are thrilled that they’re allowing TLC to follow along and film it all for the show.

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