Jennifer Lopez Dishes Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets, Says ‘I’m Going To Age’ At Some Point

Jennifer Lopez is proof that a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a positive attitude are effective anti-aging beauty secrets. Lopez even joked that she’s not sure why she’s aging so slowly, but she sure isn’t complaining.

“At some point, I’m going to age,” Lopez told Emmy magazine. “They’ll say, ‘She looks old!’ But right now, I’m holding it together.”

JLo, who celebrates her 49th birthday on July 24, is one of the few Hollywood celebrities who hasn’t rushed out to get plastic surgery to hang on to her youthful good looks.

As the Inquisitr has reported, Jennifer maintains her age-defying bikini body with a low-carb, high-protein diet and rigorous workouts that include cardio exercise, light weight training, dancing, and calisthenics.

‘Age Is All In Your Mind’

Lopez does not believe in deprivation or starvation and focuses on avoiding processed foods and eating organic, nutrient-dense meals. The mom of two also avoids coffee and alcohol and limits salt and sugar in her diet.

She makes an effort to get enough sleep every night since chronic sleep-deprivation can lead to under-eye circles and promote saggy skin.

In addition to leading a healthy, active lifestyle, JLo believes in the power of affirmations. She repeats positive, encouraging statements to herself, such as “I am youthful and timeless” several times a day.

“Affirmations are so important,” Lopez told Harper’s Bazaar in April 2018. “I am youthful and timeless. I tell myself that every day, a few times a day. It sounds like clichéd bullsh*t, but it’s not: Age is all in your mind.”

Jennifer, a former high school track star, is a longtime fitness fanatic. Like other exercise buffs, Lopez works out not only to look good, but to feel good. “I love the way working out makes me feel,” she said.

Lopez also makes sure she drinks plenty of water every day and makes an effort to manage stress. That is not easy when you’re a music and pop-culture icon who is raising two small children while dating an A-list celebrity, former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez.

Through three high-profile divorces, several world tours, and constant traveling, Lopez always maintained an upbeat and positive outlook.

And she always makes time to dance and work out. “I am 100 percent convinced that working out is part of what makes me so happy,” Jennifer said.

Lopez, whose weight has fluctuated over the years, said she’s glad she never caved into the extreme pressure to get super-skinny. “I think the idea of being curvaceous, being a little bit bigger than normal or smaller than normal, all of that is okay,” Lopez has said. “As long as it’s healthy. I embrace who I am. I feel sexy.”

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