‘Sex And The City 3’ May Feature Heidi Klum Playing Kim Cattrall’s Role, Per ‘RadarOnline’

As Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall continue to fight it out amongst themselves, a certain supermodel is desperate to get Sex and the City 3 made by any means necessary.

According to Radar Online, Heidi Klum — who is a huge fan of the hit HBO show and subsequent film series — wants to not only see Sex and the City 3 made, but she’s willing to take Kim Cattrall’s place in the highly-anticipated film. She’s actually begging the producers to have her cast in the film!

The outlet is reporting that Klum is “kissing up,” especially, to Sarah Jessica Parker — the star and one of the executive producers — so she can assume the role of Samantha in the film.

Klum feels she’d be perfect for the Samantha role, especially since the project is stalled thanks to the feud between Kim Cattrall (the original Samantha) and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sex and the City 3 was originally supposed to be produced sometime in 2017, but the project was scrapped after Cattrall said she wasn’t interested in participating unless the production company helped her with some of her other projects in development.

When the production company nixed Cattrall’s request, the film was left on the proverbial cutting room floor.

Klum, however, has a history with the show, and the outlet believes that she can rescue the stalled film from the cutting room floor.

When the show was still on the air on HBO, she made a cameo appearance, and she had a “great time” doing so.

Klum also feels that her “real life” can serve as inspiration for the film, especially since, at 45, she’s currently dating her 28-year-old boy-toy Tom Kaulitz. Kaulitz, a singer, hasn’t been shy about showing off how much he loves his supermodel girlfriend, which is — if nothing else — absolutely adorable.

There’s another thing that’s keeping Sex and the City 3 in limbo: Cynthia Nixon’s current political ambitions. Currently, New York native Nixon is running for Governor of New York against longtime Governor Andrew Cuomo, and though she isn’t expected to win (at least according to current political projections), the other ladies have to wait until her political run is over before they decide what to do either way.

And even though, in the past, Sarah Jessica Parker has said that she doesn’t want to do Sex and the City 3 without Kim Cattrall, she now knows — thanks to Heidi Klum’s interest in the film — that she has other options at her disposal, should push come to shove.

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