‘Bachelorette’ Winner Shawn Booth Is Opening His Own Gym

The Bachelorette winner Shawn Booth made an exciting announcement on his Instagram today. He’s opening a new gym. The Instagram photo shows him and two others with power and demolition tools, with building debris in the background. In the caption, Booth explained that the gym used to belong to a friend and that he’s taking it over. He promises “an all star team of trainers.”

Booth won his season of The Bachelorette, with Kaityln Bristowe. He works as a personal trainer, which explains his dream to open his own gym.

“It’s been a blessing and a curse… Trying to take on clients is difficult, because there are a lot of people who will reach out who just want to train with me once or twice – and they just come there and want to take a selfie,” Booth told Men’s Health. Hopefully, with the opening of the new gym, Booth can attract more serious clients.

In addition to opening a new gym soon, Booth has established a successful program called Healthy Meal Plans by Shawn Booth. Those who enroll receive custom meal plans, tips, and more.

Booth also said that he’s planning on focusing on becoming a group instructor rather than working as a private instructor. And it’s no wonder. His classes are widely popular, and spaces sell out quickly.

Undoubtedly, Booth’s appearance on The Bachelorette helped accelerate his personal fitness career. But that’s not to say that being on the show was easy for him.

Even throughout all of the trials and tribulations of his life, Booth told Men’s Health that the hardest thing he’s done was “going through The Bachelorette.”

“That was just a different type of toughness I’ve never experienced,” he said. Indeed, it’s certainly tasking for the men who work hard to win over the Bachelorette throughout the show. However, Booth has dealt with different tribulations and challenges, including surviving a serious car crash and finishing an Ironman competition.

Booth revealed his opinion of the inner workings of the show, saying that it was never easy.

“They [the show’s producers] kind of try to break you… They really try to take you out of your element, make you deal with your emotions in different ways in order to try and get some drama.”

Meanwhile, Booth’s relationship with Bristowe appears to be blossoming. The couple recently celebrated their third anniversary since they’ve been engaged, and have hinted at marriage and perhaps even having children, detailed E! News.

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