Sofia Richie ‘Confronted’ Scott Disick After He Was Spotted Flirting With Another Chick

Sofia Richie, Lionel Richie’s daughter, didn’t mess around once she found out that her ex-boyfriend Scott Disick was flirting with another woman. A source said that “He cheated on her, and she confronted him.”

Apparently, the fiasco began when Disick was seen on Thursday flirting with a woman, whose identity is unknown, during Kanye West’s Ye listening party in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Although Disick was still with Richie at the time, he reportedly told people there that he was no longer with Sofia, according to People.

All of this is none too surprising to Lionel Richie, an insider told People.

“Lionel hasn’t approved of the relationship since the beginning. He joked about it publicly but he was livid.”

For Lionel, Scott’s “playboy ways” doesn’t make for good boyfriend material for his daughter.

The source speculates that the breakup may not be permanent, however, since “They’ve broken up multiple times since they started dating and always ended up back together. No one would be surprised if they’re out again together in a few days or weeks.”

Even so, the two are no longer living together. Richie has reportedly left Disick’s home and has relocated to her father’s house until she finds permanent housing. It’s also a difficult time for Richie emotionally, and she is “surrounding herself with girlfriends and keeping busy.”

Meanwhile, Disick is apparently “fine,” and “He even thinks she might change her mind. He isn’t really taking it seriously,” detailed Elle.

Disick may have gotten used to their on-again-off-again relationship cycle, but perhaps this time Richie has had enough. That’s probably what her father, Lionel, is hoping for.

Scott’s been called a “party-loving pseudo member of the Kardashian family,” and is known for his on-again-off-again relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, according to The Sun. His relationship with Richie has drawn some controversy, considering that they are 15 years apart in age and because he’s previously stated that he’ll love Kourtney “until the day I die.”

Richie and Disick officially announced their relationship in September 2017. However, as many relationships do, the dynamics change over time. A source told People that their relationship hasn’t been as great as it may seem.

“They’re starting to argue more, and it’s bothering Sofia. She thought he would be more serious about their relationship and is finding herself to be more frustrated with him as time goes on. Everything everyone has been telling her to look out for, she’s now seeing for herself. It’s really upsetting for her, but she is trying to work through it.”

Regardless of what happens ultimately between Disick and Richie, Sofia is still a young woman with plenty to offer the world, with or without Scott.

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