Former WWE Referee And Former ECW World Champion Join Cody Rhodes’ ‘All In’

The wrestling event happening on Sept. 1, 2018, is likely going to be one of the biggest happenings of the entire year. Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks are putting on the All In event at the Sears Centre Arena in Chicago, and it building to be quite huge, as the Inquisitr has reported. Some may say that 10,000 fans is nothing compared to what Vince McMahon pulls in at times, but with big names confirming their participation and a couple more former WWE talents joining, it’s going to be quite the extravaganza.

A few matches have already been confirmed, but there is much more to come in the almost three months until it takes place. Cody Rhodes is set to face off against Nick “Magnus” Aldis in a match that will have the NWA World Championship on the line, but even more implications could come about before it happens.

This weekend, Cody Rhodes was in front of a huge crowd at the New York City Hammerstein Ballroom for Ring of Honor’s NYC Excellence, and he teased a second All In for next year. As reported by WrestleZone, he said that nearby Madison Square Garden wouldn’t be a bad place, but he later said he was joking.

It was true heel form for Cody Rhodes.

Speaking of this year’s event, though, the official Twitter account for All In has announced the referees who will be keeping control.

One of the biggest names to stand out in that group is that of Earl Hebner. For many years, Hebner was the head referee for WWF/WWE before he ended up working for TNA Impact Wrestling. He’s been involved in the professional wrestling world for decades and this is huge get for the anticipated event.

Another name that hardcore wrestling fans may notice in that group of referees is that of Jerry Lynn. He is a former WWE/WWF Light Heavyweight Champion, but he is more well known for his time in ECW and even held the ECW World Heavyweight Championship on one occasion.

The Chicago event in September is going to be one that has a lot of eyes on it from around the world. It will be headlined by Nick Aldis, who has even said that if Rhodes ends up winning the ROH World Title before they fight, he wants it to be a champion vs. champion match.

As the Inquisitr noted, there is no doubt that All In is going to be much bigger than a sold out show of 10,000 fans. Having names such as Rey Mysterio, along with the additions of Earl Hebner and Jerry Lynn, proves that this isn’t just some small event. Cody Rhodes is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion and the Young Bucks have joined him to turn this into something that Vince McMahon and Triple H will have to notice.

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