Kailyn Lowry Reveals Regrets Regarding Her Relationship With Dominique Potter

Kailyn Lowry has been living her life in the public eye for nearly a decade. She began on 16 and Pregnant and later joined Teen Mom 2. The eighth season of the hit MTV show is currently airing, and there are plenty of questions about her relationship on the show.

Last week, Dominique Potter was introduced to the Teen Mom 2 viewers. Kailyn Lowry had a relationship with her, something she tried to keep away from the cameras. According to Us Weekly, after reflecting on how things played out, Lowry is feeling regretful. She took to Twitter to comment about the storyline that is currently airing, something that is typical for reality stars who have watched their lives play out on the small screen.

Back in November, Kailyn Lowry confirmed she was in a relationship with another woman on her podcast, Coffee Convos. Dominique Potter was the woman she mentioned, but it only lasted a few months. There has been speculation that Lowry may have also been hooking up with her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, around the same time the two called it quits. Their relationship will play out on future episodes of Teen Mom 2, something that has caused Kailyn to reflect on how things went down with Dominique.

There has been a lot of judgment regarding Kailyn Lowry and her life choices from fans who watch the show. She welcomed her third child last August but didn’t remain with her son’s father. Lowry has three children by three different men. Three months after Lux was born, she began her relationship with Dominique Potter. Fans have questioned her decisions, especially after learning that she was potentially seeing Javi Marroquin around the same time she ended things with Potter.

It is a unique opportunity to be able to watch your life back on a show like Teen Mom 2. Kailyn Lowry has acknowledged that because of this, she is able to reflect back and move forward in a different way. During her Twitter commentary, Lowry revealed that she handled things differently than she would have liked. In fact, she realized that Dominique Potter took their relationship more seriously than she did.

This is one of the first times Kailyn Lowry has really discussed her relationship with Dominique Potter. She downplayed things a lot for the media, especially when the two broke up earlier this year. Now that everything is being aired on Teen Mom 2, there is nothing left to keep quiet about regarding their relationship.

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