Johnny Depp Has Been In ‘Financial Hurricane’ Before Photos That Showed Him Looking Gaunt, ‘Sun’ Reports

Johnny Depp may have fallen into a new round of financial difficulties, with a report detailing problems with pay and a flurry of other troubles leading up to a shocking photo this week showing the actor looking frail and gaunt.

Fans grew worried about the 54-year-old actor this week after a series of photos taken at the Four Seasons hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia, showed him looking pale and gaunt. Depp posed with fans after a concert for his band, The Hollywood Vampires, but he looked barely recognizable. Now, a new report from the Sun may shed some light on the circumstances that led up to this shocking appearance.

According to the report, Depp has been through a tumultuous month where he was sued by former bodyguards for pay the men claim they were owed. The bodyguards said they essentially became babysitters for the actor, having to prevent onlookers from seeing him during a nightclub binge in which he had “illegal substances on his face.”

Court documents from the bodyguards showed that Johnny Depp is in a “financial hurricane” and had failed to pay the proper overtime to the employees, the Sun claimed. To make matters worse, Depp was in a scrap with crew members on the set of his movie LAbyrinth in the same timeframe, the report noted.

This would not be the first time that Johnny Depp has run into financial troubles. In 2017, he filed a lawsuit against the Management Group claiming that the agency defrauded him out of tens of millions of dollars he was owed, Variety reported. In response, the agency filed a countersuit that detailed the lavish and sometimes out-of-control spending from the actor.

“Johnny Depp spent $3 million to blast Hunter Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon. He spent $18 million on an 150-foot yacht,” Variety noted in a report on the countersuit. “He spent $4 million on a failed record label. He spent $30,000 a month on wine, $200,000 a month on private planes, $150,000 a month on round-the-clock security, and $300,000 a month to maintain a staff of 40 people.”

The turnaround was especially shocking given that Depp has been one of the best-paid actors in Hollywood, commanding $20 million per movie as the face of some of the most popular franchises, including Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Johnny Depp has not spoken out about the pictures that showed him looking pale and gaunt, and fans continue to worry about the actor’s future.