Kelly Osbourne Hints New Music May Be On The Horizon After Interest Piques

Kelly Osbourne has been out of the spotlight for a while now. A decade ago, she was incredibly popular, and now, it seems like the quiet life is suiting her. Osbourne did step out to attend an event near and dear to her heart. She walked the red carpet for the Life Ball Celebration.

While in Austria, Kelly Osbourne discussed what is next for her. According to Us Weekly, there may be some new music in the future. Osbourne has been asked about her music a lot over the last few months, and she is considering doing another album. The last time fans heard anything from Kelly, as far as music goes, was in 2005. It has been well over a decade now, and new music is definitely something fans are interested in hearing from her.

Life Ball is a European charity that focuses on HIV/AIDS awareness. Kelly Osbourne was not the only celebrity to attend. Also in attendance were Caitlyn Jenner and Charlize Theron. This was the 25th anniversary of the charity being founded and a it was huge milestone. Osbourne talked about how many people are affected by the disease and how that impacts her. She wants to help give a voice to those who need one, something that she has been doing for years.

When asked about her brother, Kelly Osbourne said he was doing well. Jack Osbourne and his wife revealed that they have decided to split. She filed for divorce in May, and now things are in limbo. The Osbourne siblings have always been close, even when they were in the stage where neither liked the other. No details were given beyond that as far as Jack goes.

Moving forward, Kelly Osbourne will likely continue to be involved with Life Ball. This is not the first time she has been an activist for HIV/AIDS awareness. Osbourne has been giving back to charity since she rose to fame. While it may have been obvious that she was rough around the edges, Kelly has a good heart when it comes to others.

There is hope that Kelly Osbourne will work on new music and have another album release soon. The interest in this has grabbed her attention. Osbourne is no longer tied to obligations, so this would be the perfect time to hop back into the music industry. While nothing is for certain regarding her music, fans think Kelly Osbourne may have a surprise up her sleeve where a new album is concerned.

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