Movies On Netflix 2018: Adam Sandler And Chris Rock Hit A Home Run With ‘The Week Of’

One of the most touching and humorous movies of 2018 is a Netflix original called, The Week Of. Netflix original movies tend to be more miss than hit, but this 2018 gem is a solid entry. With failed titles like The Do Over, The Ridiculous 6, and Sandy Wexler, Netflix original films featuring Sandler have yet to impress subscribers, but the actor finally hit a home run in this feature.

This is the first feature-length film directed by Robert Smigel (writer, Saturday Night Live), and it stars Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Rachel Dratch, Steve Buscemi, Roland Buck III, and also making her feature-length debut, Allison Strong.

This Netflix film tells the story of two fathers, Kenny (Sandler) and Kirby (Rock), who unite to celebrate the wedding of their children. The two have contrasting personalities and lifestyles, but must mesh together if the big day is going to be a success.

Kenny is a blue-collar middle-class worker, and though Kirby, a wealthy surgeon, offers to help him with the expenses of the wedding, Sandler’s character is a traditionalist and wants to take care of it himself, even if that means hiring a pre-teen DJ.

Allison Strong portrays Sarah, Kenny’s daughter, and Roland Buck plays her fiance, Tyler, Kirby’s son. Rachel Dratch co-stars as Kenny’s wife, Debbie, and the two have hilarious on-screen rapport; the couple provides many of the laugh-out-loud moments of the film. Steve Buscemi’s comedic timing is good as usual, and he portrays Kenny’s cousin, Charles.

It’s refreshing to see how Sandler played the lead. Though you will still see some of the actor’s usual tropes, his over-the-top antics are largely missing. Chris Rock co-starred in Sandy Wexler, and aside from that role, it has been a while since we have seen the comedian in a non-animated picture. It was nice seeing Rock’s charisma once again charm the screen. The actors’ two characters provide an interesting dynamic, and when their families come together, love, chaos, and hilarity ensue.

Anyone who has ever been married, or those parents who have helped their children with their wedding, should appreciate this sentimental film. Unlike other movies centered on a wedding, this Netflix original is not overly romantic. Rather than centering the story around the bride and groom, the movie’s focus is on the families coming together, meeting one another, and working together to try to make the big day a success.

Allison Strong makes a solid debut, and in an interview with Fansided, the actress explains how this Netflix film and Sandler’s character affected her.

“From a personal standpoint, it was really emotional for me. I don’t think I’ve had that experience before. It was such a heartfelt film. I’m a pretty tough critic on myself. I cried, actually.

“You’re with these characters from start to finish. Especially with Adam, he is the father trying to pay for his daughter’s wedding. He will do just about anything just to be the only hand on that wedding, the only person taking care of it. You get so attached to him trying to do it. That all these hijinks are really all for love of his daughter.”

With just the right amount of sentimental moments, solid performances, many laugh-out-loud scenes, and a welcomed message of love and family, The Week Of is one of the most refreshing movies on Netflix in 2018.

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