Ashlee Simpson And Husband Evan Ross Launch A Gender-Neutral Clothing Line

Ashlee Simpson and her husband, Evan Ross, have been busy building their empire. The couple, who just launched their own unisex clothing line, Jagger Snow with Zadig & Voltaire, is currently prepping for the premiere of their upcoming reality television series, Ashlee & Evan, and the release of a new album, which features songs from the married couple.

The couple is happy to spend so much time together. Ross said that most of the time when couples work in the entertainment industry, they spend a lot of time away from one another. Ross said that it’s nice to collaborate with his wife and family, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“We’re better together sometimes when it comes to the creative. It’s been a really, really fun experience.”

Today, the couple launched their unisex line with Zadig & Voltaire called Jagger Snow. The name of the line was inspired by their daughter. Jagger Snow will be a 10-piece collection that includes jackets, denim, T-shirts, and hoodies. Prices for the unisex line range from about $100 for a shirt up to $628 for a blazer, according to Fashionista.

The couple even included lyrics from their co-produced album like, “We don’t need permission to love,” to be displayed on some pieces. Ashlee and Ross’ album is set to come out on July 29.

According to Ashlee, her husband Evan did the artwork, which has a lot to do with love and the idea of love.

Gender-neutral clothing is becoming more than a trend at the moment, and Ross envisions more clothing lines experimenting with the style in the future. Ross said that you can’t really walk into a store like Bloomingdale’s and find specific sections just for men and women. Evan, the son of singer Diana Ross, said that gender-neutral clothing is a powerful movement because it allows people to experiment and discover their identity in clothing.

Ashley and Evan said that their clothing collection is similar to their own taste and that of their friends. The couple said that they decided to create a unisex line based off of their own habits of sharing wardrobe pieces. Ashlee said that when she first started dating her hubby, they always shared clothes and that many times she would rather wear his sweaters and shirts over her own.

Evan said that they have always been able to “switch clothes really well,” but a unisex clothing line is a cool movement and it gives men more options in the clothing that they can wear.

After over a decade of staying out of the spotlight, Ashlee and Evan will be starring in their own reality television series.

Now, 13 years later, the singer-songwriter will return to television with her husband, Evan Ross. Ashlee, 33, and Evan Ross wed in 2014 and the new E! series will document the couple as they record their first duet album and navigate married life with their children, according to People.

“It’s been 10 years for me where I’ve just been ‘mommy.’ It’s been an amazing 10 years but now we’re getting back into music… You get to see me diving back into that and the balance as a mom, getting back into my career and what I love to do.”

Evan said that he thinks viewers will get a real glimpse into the couple’s life by watching them juggle parenthood with work. Despite doing reality television in the past, the singer said that doing a show with Evan was a fun thing to experience with one another.

Ashlee said that it’s been nice working with Evan because they get to spend more time together. Simpson-Ross added that it’s also been nice sharing their creative side with one another.

The musical couple share a 2-year-old daughter name Jagger together. Ashlee also has a 9-year-old son named Bronx from a previous marriage with Pete Wentz. Ashlee and Evan said that they were “extremely cautious” about showing their children on camera. However, they said the children’s presence was “inevitable” because they stay close to mom and dad all the time.

Simpson said that their album is about their love — but when they started dating, singing and song-writing created a closer bond for the couple.

Ashlee Simpson stepped into the spotlight after starring in her own reality television series, The Ashlee Simpson Show. Following her television debut, Simpson recorded her album, Autobiography, from 2004-2005. The sister of Jessica Simpson later released her last album, Bittersweet World, in 2008.

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