Under Oath, CM Punk Confirms What The ‘CM’ Stands For In His Name

The trial brought about by WWE doctor Chris Amann has begun and it has already brought about testimony from both CM Punk and Colt Cabana. Amann is a senior ringside physician for WWE and he states that things said by both men resulted in libel and slander, and this trial could bring about a lot of money as he’s seeking more than $1 million. While that is the most important thing, wrestling fans are likely more interested in actually knowing what the “CM” means in Punk’s name.

Everything in this trial stems from comments made by CM Punk in a podcast interview with Colt Cabana after his WWE release in 2014. The comments involved a number of people in the company and Amann didn’t take them so kindly and that is why he’s brought this case to court.

Amann is seeking $1 million in compensatory damages from CM Punk and also an undetermined amount of punitive damages

During the “Art of Wrestling” Podcast, Punk spoke of his health and how he wasn’t doing very well with headaches, dizziness, neck issues, nausea, and much more. When it came time to do the podcast, he did it to simply tell his side of the story, but now, he’s telling fans much more.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., CM Punk took the stand on Friday and had to give information under oath in a court of law. During his testimony, Punk was required to state his full name and any aliases while also detailing what anything and everything may mean.

That is when he revealed and confirmed that the “CM” in CM Punk actually does stand for “Chick Magnet.”

Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks, was a member of a tag team named The Chick Magnets during the early days of his wrestling career. It has often been said by others that “Chick Magnet” is what the letters in his name stand for, but it was never once confirmed by Punk.

Others have thought that it stood for “Chicago Made” since that is Punk’s hometown, but now, he has given the truth under oath.

There is much more to all that was stated during the trial on Friday, and WrestleZone detailed the testimony of both CM Punk and Colt Cabana. This case against WWE’s Dr. Amann is one that could go a number of ways, but if the judge rules against Punk, it could end up costing him a lot of money. Fans are very interested in just how this may affect any future relationship between WWE and the “Chick Magnet,” but that’s something that may never happen anyway.

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