‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 1 Recap: Thrady Ends In Ugly Twist, Ciara Faces Demons, Claire Kisses Tripp, Ben Sane

Today’s June 1 Days of Our Lives was filled with the continuous excitement fans have come to expect from a Friday episode, complete with a massive cliffhanger.

At the beginning of the Days episode, Ciara and Tripp were discussing their relationship. He begged her to talk to him, but Ciara claimed that the two of them don’t want the same things. Tripp appeared heartbroken when Ciara grabbed her bags to head out to stay the night away. Tripp wanted to be with her and, again, implored her to speak to him. Before walking out the door, Ciara broke off the relationship, telling Tripp again that she didn’t want to be with him.

Claire was back early from her trip to visit her boyfriend, Theo, dragging her luggage behind her. Theo had broken off their relationship and Claire was devastated. Claire said that she had learned, when you lie to someone you love, it comes back to bite you. Claire told Tripp about the argument she had with Theo. He was angry when Claire asked him to help her cheat, but he was furious when he found out that she went behind his back to find someone else who would rig the Bella contest. During the argument she had with Theo, he could barely look at her.

Tripp talked to Claire, saying that he had no idea why Ciara didn’t want to be with him. He told her about the romantic dinner with music and candles, and he mentioned how Ciara put on the brakes when things started to heat up. All Claire could do is completely disrespect Ciara, without knowing her reasons.

Claire began to say that she was a terrible person to everyone around her, to which Tripp disagreed. He was telling Claire that nobody deserved to be alone. Days of Our Lives fans were stunned when, out of nowhere, Claire kissed Tripp.

While Claire and Tripp were kissing in the loft, Ciara had gone to the Salem PD to talk to her mother, Hope. Ciara tried to play down the breakup by stating that she was too busy with Bella Magazine to have a boyfriend, however, a mother always knows when there is something more to the story.

Hope asked Ciara if the real reason she broke things off with Tripp had anything to do with the night Chase raped her.

“Whenever Tripp touches me, and it looks like we are about to take that step, Chase is there. I can hear him. I can feel his hands on me.”

In an effort to ease her daughter’s pain, Hope tried to hug Ciara, but she pushed her away.

“When I was younger you used to be able to make the monsters go away, but this monster, I have to do this myself. Why can’t I make this monster go away Mom?”

Hope assured Ciara that her courage will pull her through anything. She told Ciara that if she wanted to, she could use her courage to fight for the love that she and Tripp shared and that monster won’t ever have a chance. Ciara admitted that she wanted nothing more than to be with Tripp.

Across Salem, Days viewers know that Marlena is heading to the sanitarium to determine whether or not Ben has had a real breakthrough. Ben welcomed her with a smile indicating that he was happy to see her. He then apologized to Marlena saying he didn’t want to hurt people anymore, the way he hurt her.

Marlena wanted to know when Ben began feeling remorse for his actions and the people he killed. Ben told Marlena that his breakthrough occurred six months ago, when Sami came back to Salem.

Days of Our Lives viewers remember that, during that time, Sami was desperate to get Will’s memories back. She broke Ben out of the sanitarium and had him recreate the night that he tried to kill Will. He felt the horror of what he had done and he couldn’t continue.

“Sami might have thought that she had found the cure for her son, but the one she cured was me.”

It takes more than an epiphany to heal, however, and Ben insisted that he was going to work hard to get better. It wasn’t just about him getting out, it’s about healing. He plans on spending the rest of his life attempting to make peace with what he has done.

Marlena headed back to the police station to inform Hope and Rafe of her decision. She believed Ben was truly remorseful. He was taking his medication and was not delusional. She could not, in good conscious, file an objection. There was nothing she could do to stop his release.

Across Salem, Will was deep into a conversation with Paul who is not okay with his boyfriend being a guinea pig for the memory recollection serum. Will wants to be able to laugh and connect with friends and family, he wants to regain the memories that he lost when his life was saved.

Will wanted to do the right thing and use the formula to change countless lives. He was ready to risk his own life for theirs.

Will pointed out that Paul may be a little scared of what would happen if the memories of Sonny are revived. Regardless of whatever happened in the past, the present is pretty good and Will wants to see what the future holds for the two of them.

Days of Our Lives viewers have been following Brady’s storyline ever since it was announced that Theresa was returning to Salem. At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe and Eve had just arrived and Brady was ecstatic to see them. Unfortunately, they came bearing bad news. Chloe let Brady know that she was kidnapped by a maniac, and called Theresa out for leaving her there. Brady was confused, so Eve took the opportunity to clear things up for him.

“I’ll give you the short version. When Theresa gave us that sob story about how she escaped from that lunatic El Fideo, she left out a little bitty detail. She left Chloe there and decided not to tell us.”

Brady looked to Theresa to explain and when she wanted to talk privately, he denied her the opportunity because he believed that she would lie to him if he spoke to her alone.

Theresa apologized to Chloe who exploded in anger. Chloe thought Theresa was dead and she cried for her. Although Theresa “felt terrible” for leaving Chloe behind, she didn’t feel bad enough to tell anyone what had happened.

Chloe put the pieces together and realized that it was Theresa who told Mateo that John and Paul were on their way to rescue her. Chloe filled Brady in on the details regarding Mateo’s “armed fortress.” Brady became irate.

“It wasn’t enough to abandon Chloe in Mexico, you had to serve up my brother and father too?”

Chloe told Brady that she had to kill Mateo in order to save John and Paul.

“When Mateo had a gun pointed at Paul’s head, I stabbed him in the back.” She then looked at Theresa and asked, “What’s your excuse for doing the same thing to me?”

Brady asked for a moment alone with Theresa. Eve laid into her sister before leaving, admitting in front of Brady that she was sorry that she let Theresa guilt her into stepping away from her relationship with him. This was another surprise for Brady, and not a good one.

“If you do one thing to hurt that man there or that little boy upstairs, you’ll answer to me and you will wish that you were back with El Fideo”

At that point, Brady didn’t have much to say. All he could do was stand there and glare at the woman standing in front of him. Brady didn’t even know who Theresa was anymore. He didn’t want to hear a word that she had to say because he knew that she would spin it to suit her favor.

Theresa apologized for hurting people, but would not apologize for wanting to get back to Brady and Tate and for being selfish in the way that she got back to them.

Brady claimed that he doesn’t understand how the same heart that loved him and Tate could do something so cold and selfish. He told her to leave, throwing her out of the house and his life.

Days of Our Lives viewers were not expecting the shock that came next. Theresa agreed to go, but she was taking Tate with her.

Fans of the NBC daily soap opera will have to wait until next week to see or read what happens next.

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