Lala Kent Reveals Lisa Vanderpump Offered Her A Job At SUR, ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Role On The Spot

Lala Kent didn’t have to schedule an interview for a job at SUR. The hostess turned Vanderpump Rules star says the dream job actually came to her. In a new interview with Athleisure magazine, Lala revealed how she landed the coveted hostess gig at Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood hotspot and how her role on the Bravo reality show came to be.

“Before the show, I was going on casting, auditions, and fit modeling was paying my bills,” Lala revealed.

Vanderpump Rules came to me when I was eating at SUR. Lisa saw how I interacted with some of the people that worked there and offered me a job as a hostess. With that came a position on the show!”

Kent has no complaints about Vanderpump Rules. While she has seen her share of drama with her Bravo castmates—on the most recent season of the show she butted heads with longtime pal James Kennedy over pasta, among other things—Lala says being on the show has been “amazing” and it has even helped her grow as a person.

I think being able to look back and reflect on my actions has helped tremendously,” Kent explained. “I’ve been able to see when I stand up for myself and when I’m acting like a fool! Everyone that is part of the show has brought a lot to my life and continues to help me evolve.”

Lala Kent confirmed to Athleisure that she will be back for the upcoming seventh season of Vanderpump Rules. Lala also dished on her close relationship with her SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump, whom she looks at as a mentor and as well as a mother figure.

“Lisa has such a kind heart and offers such motherly love and advice,” Lala said. “That, on top of seeing that she is a successful woman, you can’t help but go ‘I need to listen to her because she’s got it figured out.'”

Last year, Lala Kent took a hiatus from SUR and Vanderpump Rules to reconnect with herself. Lala told Bravo she needed some time away from the reality TV spotlight after a season that focused on rumors about her personal life and some very heated arguments with her female Vanderpump Rules co-stars, so she headed home to Utah to do some volunteer work. After purging all the negative energy from her life, Lala returned to L.A. to face her old boss Lisa and explain her M.I.A. status.

“Talking to Lisa I was nervous just because I look up to her,” Kent admitted, adding that she “kind of like a new human being” after her break from the show.

On the most recent season of Vanderpump Rules, Lala seemed to be in a much better headspace. In recent months, Lala Kent has been more open about her personal life. While her mystery boyfriend has long been a part of her Vanderpump Rules storyline, Lala finally revealed his name on the recent Vandeprump Rules reunion. Lala has also been posting plenty of social media snaps with her man, Randall Emmett.

Vanderpump Rules airs on Bravo.

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