‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap For Thursday, May 31: Hope’s Bitterness, Liam Sets Bill Straight, Steffy Falls

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Thursday, May 31, states that Liam (Scott Clifton) has not finished blasting Bill (Don Diamont) at Spencer Publications. Soap Central points out that Liam is furious that his dad actually believes that he has a chance at a life with Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Bill, on the other hand, reminds his son that he just came back from a wedding where he would have married Hope (Annika Noelle). Liam informs his father that the wedding would not have taken place if he hadn’t tricked Wyatt into believing that Steffy and Bill were having an affair. Liam calls his father a sick man.

However, Bill remains adamant that he will still get back together with Steffy. Father and son go back and forth about who is having delusions, with Liam thinking that his father is sad. He lets his dad know that he has pushed away everyone in his life. B&B fans even saw his throwing Wyatt out and stripping him of the car, painting, and job that he promised him. Bold and the Beautiful recap states that Liam feels that Bill has no one in his corner now except Justin (Aaron D. Spears) and Alison. Liam leaves the office.

Back at the cabin, Steffy tells Hope she understands why the wedding was canceled. The blonde quickly informs her that the wedding was postponed and canceled. Steffy lets her stepsister know that if it wasn’t for Bill’s meddling, there would be no wedding. Then, for perhaps the first time since Hope’s return, the two discuss their past. Bold and the Beautiful recap, via She Knows Soaps, indicates that Hope asked her if she understood now how painful it was when Steffy married Bill and she had to watch. She asks her, “How’s it feel to be stuck in the gondola?” reminding her of the hurtful experience she subjected her to when they were in Italy.

Bill pitches at Steffy’s house and she calls him a psychopath. She tells him to get out but he says, “I did it for you and our future.” She begins shouting at him and telling him that they have no future together. She yells that he disgusts her but Bill says that he thrills her. Bold and the Beautiful recap indicates that he tells her that she deserves him because unlike Liam he can commit completely to her. Steffy is having none of it and orders him to leave, adding that if he returns she will call the cops on him.

“You messed with the wrong woman.”

She puts Bill out and slams the door behind him. Bold and the Beautiful recap for Thursday, May 1 states that as she angrily turns after slamming the door she trips and stumbles. Steffy falls hard to the floor and grasps her stomach in pain.

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