‘The Crow’ Remake Fails To Fly As Lead Jason Momoa And Director Corin Hardy Back Out

Some movies just shouldn’t be continued or remade, and it seems that The Crow is a part of that category. The Crow was one of the most popular movies of 1994, the film where Brandon Lee tragically died during production, but the three sequels without the legendary star were major flops: City of Angels, Salvation, and the most recent installment, Wicked Prayer, received an abysmal score on Rotten Tomatoes of zero percent. So, when it was announced that The Crow was going to be remade and that Aquaman star Jason Momoa was eventually cast as Eric Draven, fans were intrigued but were also skeptical.

Many fans hoped that the film would lead to a new franchise based on the famed graphic novel, but sadly, it seems the remake has died before it could fly. As Deadline recently reported, director Corin Hardy (The Nun) and Jason Momoa “formally withdrew from the film this morning” (May 31), just five weeks before production was set to start. The report states that this is due to financial and creative differences with the film’s financer Samuel Hadida.

This isn’t the first setback the would-be movie has seen. There have been numerous production and casting issues, and as Collider documented, Jack Huston was initially going to play the lead, Eric Draven, but dropped out because of scheduling difficulties. A longtime fan of the graphic novel, Jason Momoa was anxious to take on the lead role.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Momoa expressed his excitement.

“I loved the graphic novel [of The Crow]. I just got a first edition. I got it signed. I always just loved it because of that love story. You never really see it in the first [film], but I loved it. I think it was ’94? It came out in a perfect time when I was growing up, I was 14. So anyways, it’s an honor to play it.”

The actor recently took to Instagram to issue a statement and an apology to fans, and the post included some concept art.

Sony Pictures had picked up the rights for worldwide distribution but are close to abandoning the project, according to a report from the Consequence of Sound. Given the problematic nature of the entire franchise and the difficulties in getting the remake off the ground, many pundits feel that the entire idea should be put to rest. As the Consequence of Sound report stated, The Crow reboot still has a release date of October 2019, but given the chaos surrounding the project, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it once again was shelved.

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