Roseanne Barr Looks Haggard, Puffs Cigarette In First Public Appearance Since Show’s Cancellation

Roseanne Barr looked a bit worse for wear in her first public appearance since ABC abruptly canceled her sitcom.

The revival of Roseanne was axed this week after the actress and comedian went on a tirade on Twitter, comparing former Obama official Valerie Jarrett (a black woman) to an ape and making discredited claims that billionaire George Soros was a Nazi sympathizer. Roseanne has remained vocal on Twitter after the show was pulled, but only made her first public appearance on Thursday. As the Daily Mail noted, she looked a bit haggard from the experience.

The news outlet caught Barr pacing the street in her native Utah, smoking a cigarette and engaging in what the report described as an “intense” phone call. She had little to say about the controversy that led to her show being canceled, but had an upbeat response to a reporter.

“I believe in one law for all people, I love all people have a nice day,” Roseanne said.

Despite looking a bit weary from the whirlwind last few days, Hollywood Life noted that Roseanne seemed to be cheery in her first public appearance. On Twitter, she has seemed a bit more frantic. Roseanne has alternated between defiantly saying she planned to fight the cancellation and appearing apologetic.

That seems to back up a report from People magazine that claimed Roseanne Barr was in a very dark place and felt overwhelmed that what she thought would go over as a joke would end up ending her show’s short return to television. A source close to the actress said the show’s cancellation was a gut punch, and Roseanne herself shared that she tried to beg ABC not to cancel it.

“She’s in deep darkness and is very remorseful. Being a comedian, she writes stuff she thinks is funny, but it’s always misunderstood,” a source close to Roseanne told the outlet. “She’s not intentionally hurtful. They all loved each other on the Roseanne set. It really was one big happy family.”

Roseanne Barr has not found much support within Hollywood, especially among her show’s co-stars. Sara Gilbert, who played Roseanne’s daughter on the show, quickly took to Twitter to say that Roseanne’s comments did not reflect the other members of the cast. Another actress, Emma Kenney, said she had already planned to leave the show before it was canceled, and actress and writer Wanda Sykes also publicly said she would not be returning.

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