Fans Can Now Book A Personalized Cameo And Video Message From ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Star Beth Chapman

Fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman are in the for the surprise of their lifetime!

In her latest Instagram post, the former reality star has shared her latest business endeavor with fans — personalized video messages from Beth herself. In the photo, Beth shares a link to the website Book Cameo. Once on the website, fans are directed to Beth’s page, where they are able to send a personalized video message from none other than Beth.

Some of the questions on the form include “who is this video for?” while another question asks fans for specific instructions for their personal message. The website also shares a video from Chapman, where she shares that she can personalize any message such as a happy birthday message or even just a message for anyone who is going through a rough time and needs a pick me up. And the video message seems to be pretty affordable at only $50 a pop.

In the photo for the promotion, Beth stands at the center of the picture with a black strapless, button-up top and a pair of black pants. Beth poses for the photo while holding a pair of handcuffs in her right hand. Many of Chapman’s fans were quick to comment on the picture to let Beth know how excited they are for her latest business adventure.

Within just one day of being posted, the photo has already gained over 4,000 likes as well as 90 comments. Many fans took to the comments to let Beth know that they would definitely be using this service in the future.

“Wow this is neat idea, hopefully yesterday was a okay in a day of memory. God bless you and the family.”

“I want to book a cameo! Love you Beth!” another wrote.

A few other fans used the comments section of the picture to tell Beth that she is such an amazing woman following her cancer scare while others said that they really hope that Dog the Bounty Hunter will come back to the air at some point in the near future.

“Love it. You look soo beautiful Beth like always. I truly admire you. It is hard to be sick. I have had LUPUS FOR 13YRS. Its hard but take it day by day. I look at you and see how strong you were with cancer and never give up. You are a strong woman. I hope to meet you one day.”

“So hope they are coming out with a new season of dog the bounty hunter or dog and beth on the hunt,” another fan wrote.

In recent weeks, Beth has been very active on social media, sharing photos of her Memorial Day weekend as well as photos of her dogs. It’s good to see Beth back and healthy!

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