Scott Disick Shades People Who Buy Fake Diamonds In Bizarre Instagram Post

Apparently, Scott Disick is on a mission to persuade everyone not to buy fake diamonds.

In a new and bizarre Instagram post, Disick can be seen holding up a hand-shaped necklace that is studded with diamonds throughout. The reality star has a little smirk on his bearded face as he appears to be on a private jet. The self-proclaimed “lord” then takes time to educate his followers on diamonds.

“Diamonds are THE LORD’s best friend!!!!! I’ve stacked up a pretty nice collection here, but one thing is for sure I would never buy anything but real diamonds,” he starts the post.

Disick then goes on to say there are certain companies who are talking about “cultured or cultivated” that are found above ground and asks why people in their right minds would ever buy anything but a real, genuine diamond. Disick says that any diamond that isn’t 100 percent real has no value.

“How could you walk around wearing something FAKE? Trust me on this one, if you are buying diamonds for yourself or someone else make sure that they were not grown in a FACTORY or anything like that, make sure they are the real deal. #GetReal,” he ends the post.

It almost seems as thought Scott should be plugging or advertising some sort of diamond company but nobody is tagged in the post, making fans wonder how Scott ended up on such a weird tangent. Within just six hours of being posted, the 35-year-old’s photo has already gained a ton of attention with 229,000 likes as well as 3,900 comments. Many fans are slamming Disick over the rant, saying that not everyone can afford real diamonds like he can.

“Another day and another celebrity showing how out of touch they are with the world. I think we normal people need to take back what the 1% have hoarded away from us for so long.”

“A lot of us regular people might not have the means to buy real,” another fan wrote.

To add a little more salt to the wound, Disick also shared a photo of himself and his three kids — Mason, Penelope, and Reign — on a private jet on their way home from a vacation in St. Barts. Though it appeared that Sofia Richie was on the trip with the family, she is not seen in the picture of the jet.

In the snapshot, Scott and Mason hold hands as Disick has his son Reign on his lap. Daughter Penelope is all smiles as she sits in a seat by herself. That particular post has also gained a ton of traffic with 395,000 likes and 900-plus comments. Not surprisingly, many of the comments on this particular picture are also giving Scott flak for “showing off” his lavish lifestyle that not everyone is accustomed to.

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