[VIDEO] Watch a man marry a videogame character

Remember the Japanese guy who fell for a 2D girl from a PlayStation 2 game, and would subsequently hump body-pillows bearing her image? Well, this story is a bit like that, except even weirder.

This particular tale is also set in Japan, if you can believe such a thing, and involves a man known as “Sal9000,” who has just married Nene Anegasaki, an entirely fictional character from the Nintendo DS dating sim Love Plus. Nene is one of three girls in the game, so she faced some stiff competition for Sal9000’s affections (now, presumably, she regularly faces a stiff Sal9000).

Not only that, but Sal has a bit of a reputation amongst videogame characters as a player. BoingBoing’s video report mentions that he’s enjoyed a long string of videogame romances (Ms. Pac-Man was suspiciously unavailable for comment), but that Nene has finally won his heart.

You can watch the full report on the happy couple below. Now someone talk me through how the damn wedding night works.

[Via Tiny Cartridge; video via BoingBoing]

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