5 Rappers Who Released Diss Tracks About Drake

The verbal jabs between heavyweight hip-hop artists Drake and Pusha-T came to a head on May 29, 2018, when Pusha released “The Story of Adidon,” a diss track where he verbally attacked the “Nice for What” singer on a very personal level.

Things quickly escalated between the two, but it’s not the first time the “6 God” has had issues with his fellow rappers since his initial rise to stardom. Here are five notable cases in which Drake has thrown shots back and forth with one of his musical peers.

1. Drake Vs. Jay-Z. The beef between Drake and Jay-Z is more of a “cold war.” Despite having collaborated together, Jay and Drake have been throwing subliminal shots at each other for the past eight years. Although they would individually tell you there is no real bad blood, Drake’s verse on the DJ Khaled summer smash “I’m On One,” in which he states “I’m just feeling like the throne is for the taking, watch me take it” was his most direct and widely understood attack on “The Throne” of Jay-Z, and to a lesser extent, Kanye West.

2. Drake Vs. Common. The problems between these two rappers have existed for many years. When Common released the song “Sweet,” fans immediately speculated the mockery of someone “singing all around” was aimed at Drake. Common later confirmed it was. The twosome would then go back and forth throwing verbal jabs at each other until Common released his “Stay Schemin” remix which was immediately dubbed by Drake, The Weeknd, Rick Ross, and Birdman to be “the worst diss track ever.”

3. Drake Vs. Tory Lanez. Tension between the two Canadian stars began when Lanez released his mixtape The New Toronto. Upset by the title of the album, Drake would then take shots directly at Lanez on his next single “Summer Sixteen” where he rapped, “All you boys in the new Toronto want to be me a little.” He followed this with another supposed subliminal shot on his More Life playlist, where fans perceived the outro track “Do Not Disturb” as another Lanez diss. Their beef was apparently squashed when the pair posted the same photo together to Instagram.

4. Drake Vs. Meek Mill. Stemming from allegations by the Philadelphia rapper that Drake does not write his own lyrics and that the “Gods Plan” singer was just jealous of him for his then-romantic relationship with fellow Young Money artist Nicki Minaj, Drake came for Meek in a way never before seen in the hip-hop world. Initializing what was effectively a massive internet trolling spree, Drake flooded social media with memes and other disrespectful content against Meek, culminating in the release of diss tracks “Charged Up” and “Back 2 Back,” the latter of which was nominated for a Grammy. Meek would throw shots back himself on tracks like “War Pains,” but the beef lost traction and effectively ended when Meek was incarcerated for violating his probation. Drake later called for Meek’s freedom.

5. Drake Vs. Pusha-T. In the latest installment and most crass beef against Drake, this one comes straight from some of his biggest competitors in hip-hop, G.O.O.D Music. After years of small subliminal jabs thrown back and forth between Pusha and Drake, the release of Pusha’s anticipated Daytona project saw the label president firing direct shots at Drake. In response, Drake fired back with “Duppy Freestyle,” a direct hit at Pusha, Kanye West, and contributor Virgil Abloh. Pusha, a hip-hop veteran, stepped back for a moment only to then release what critics are referring to as one of the most vicious diss tracks of the last decade. “The Story of Adidon” appeared on Soundcloud May 29, 2018, and took direct jabs not only at Drake as an artist but the alleged rumors that he has a secret son with an adult actress that he has kept under wraps for years. The album art is also controversial, a reportedly unedited photo of Drake donned in blackface.

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