‘Roseanne’ Reruns Pulled From Hulu Following ABC’s Decision To Cancel The Show

It has been a tough day for Roseanne Barr. After a series of vile and racist tweets, Roseanne Barr, star of the hit television series Roseanne, is under fire and paying a much larger price than she expected. Hours after news broke about ABC’s decision to pull the plug on the Roseanne reboot, reruns of the show are now in jeopardy.

Gizmodo is reporting that Hulu is making a mad scramble to eliminate all reruns of Roseanne from their video library. Rarely has there ever been a purge of this nature regarding an entertainer or television series.

Perhaps only The Cosby Show can rival the recent purge that has taken place. The actions of Bill Cosby, star of The Cosby Show, caused television networks to cease airing reruns of his hit 1980’s sitcom.

The sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby resulted in TV Land, among other television networks pulling the hit show from its list of syndicated programming.

The purge of The Cosby Show happened in 2014, however, most networks brought the series back in 2016, only to take it off the air again last April. The fall from grace that The Cosby Show had may pale in comparison to what is taking place with Roseanne Barr’s show.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Roseanne joins The Cosby Show on that short list of hit television series purged by TV Land.

Roseanne Barr’s Twitter rant over the past 36 hours can be summed up in two words: catastrophic and heartbreaking.

Fans of Roseanne now face the realities of separating themselves from Roseanne Barr. The reboot of Roseanne brought some good feelings to viewers.

Bridging the gap with viewers who remembered and cherished the original incarnation of Roseanne with its newer audience was believed to be a challenge.

Hulu making the first run of Roseanne available for viewing was perceived as a no-brainer at the time. Even as Roseanne Barr became emboldened to push the limits on what she said, how she said it, and when she said it, no one expected the hit series to be purged.

Roseanne being axed at ABC was one thing. News that Hulu, TV Land, and CMT amongst other television networks were cutting ties with Roseanne Barr stings.

Because of Roseanne Barr’s spiteful words, viewers have been robbed of an opportunity to take in a great sitcom that related well to them. Those who are a fan of both the original Roseanne and the ABC reboot saw people they had much in common with, but few saw the similarities in themselves and Roseanne Barr’s Twitter feed.

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