Kim Kardashian Tries To Fool North West Into Thinking She’s Princess Jasmine, Fails Spectacularly

Kim Kardashian might have plenty of experience pretending to be Princess Jasmine from the movie Aladdin, but she can’t fool her daughter into thinking that she’s the real deal — even with the aid of a professional makeup artist.

As reported by People, Kim Kardashian recently dressed up like her favorite Disney princess for a fun YouTube makeup tutorial with Glam Masters star Kandee Johnson. The beauty vlogger known for her incredible transformation videos didn’t need a magic lamp to make Kim’s dream of looking just like Princess Jasmine come true, but Kandee did have to use a little makeup magic to make Kim’s eyebrows completely disappear. After smearing two layers of Elmer’s glue over Kim’s signature bold brows and covering them up with plenty of concealer, Kandee made the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star look like an animated character by drawing a pair of even bigger brows on her flawless forehead.

A thick wig and giant earrings helped further transform Kim Kardashian into the object of Prince Ali’s obsession. However, even though Kim looked totally different with Princess Jasmine’s uniquely-shaped eyebrows, they weren’t enough to trick North West into thinking that her mommy was the actual Agrabah royal. When her transformation was almost complete, Kim decided to video chat with her 4-year-old daughter. She pretended to be the princess with a pet tiger, but North wasn’t buying it.

“Hey North, it’s Princess Jasmine,” Kim said.

“You’re really Kim,” North responded.

North also put her mother in a bit of an awkward spot with her brutally honest opinion of Kim Kardashian’s makeup. The little girl unknowingly knocked Kandee Johnson’s hard work by saying that Kim didn’t look like Princess Jasmine at all.

“No, it’s not. It’s Jasmine!” Kim insisted when her daughter failed to fall for the charade. “I have your mommy’s phone. She wanted me to call you and tell you she’s on my magic carpet. She’s on her way home.”

North West responded to this lie by observing that her mother didn’t sound like Princess Jasmine. Instead of making one final effort to convince North that she really was the cartoon character by belting out a few lines of “A Whole New World,” Kim Kardashian told her daughter that she had to get off the phone because her pet tiger Rajah was “pooping” and she needed to go clean it up. She didn’t give North time to point out that real princesses have servants to clean up tiger poo for them.

Perhaps Kim Kardashian’s Jasmine costume didn’t fool North West because her daughter has already seen her dressed up like the Disney princess. As reported by Us Weekly, Kim was Princess Jasmine for Halloween in 2016. She had previously rocked the Princess Jasmine costume in 2009, and she decided to dust it off and wear it again because North was totally obsessed with the Disney character at the time. North even dressed up like a mini Jasmine that same year.

How could Kim Kardashian ever think that she could fool an Aladdin aficionado like North who knows Princess Jasmine just as well as Genie knows the inside of his lamp?

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