Teenager Gives Away Beloved Guinea Pigs, Man Who Adopted Them Brutally Kills Both, Sends Pictures To The Girl

Alexia Carson found it odd that the man who wanted to adopt her beloved guinea pigs said he wouldn’t need their cage, so she carefully made a home for them out of a cardboard box and filled it with their favorite foods.

Little did the Kansas teenager know that the man actually planned to brutally kill and then eat her beloved pets, but she would soon find out — when he posted pictures of their slaughtered bodies onto her Facebook page. As the Kansas City Star reported, the 17-year-old received pictures of her dead animals this week, with the photos appearing on her timeline while she was attending a high school dance.

The report noted that Carson gave away the guinea pigs, father and son named RuPaul and Boy George, after some of her female guinea pigs ended up getting pregnant. Carson said she initially thought that RuPaul and Boy George were females as well, and wasn’t ready to have litters.

“I decided to find them a new home when I read that guinea pigs can have up to seven babies,” she told the news outlet. “I had six and I did not need 15.”

Carson put a post on her Facebook page seeking a home for the pair, and someone known to her family answered. After the man did not respond back for a while, Carson reached out and the man admitted that he just wanted to eat the guinea pigs. She said no.

The man continued to press Carson about letting him have the guinea pigs, but she refused. Later, another man reached out and said he wanted to adopt the guinea pigs for his son, and after some investigating, Carson thought she was sending them to a good home.

But the time the teenager learned that the men were actually friends, it was too late. The report noted that the new owner shot the guinea pigs with BB guns, skinned them, and turned them into a stew. He then taunted the teenager with pictures of the dead pets and videos of the animals being tortured before they were killed.

“Thank you so much for the Guinea pigs they will make a fantastic stew,” the man wrote.

The disturbing killings have gotten worldwide attention, and someone even started a Facebook page called Justice for RuPaul and Boy George Guineas.

The man who killed and ate the guinea pigs is now under police investigation, KWCH reported.