Ron Howard Might Direct ‘The Graveyard Book’

Ron Howard may be stepping in to resurrect Disney’s planned feature adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book.

The adaptation was originally going to be directed by Henry Selick. Selick previously directed Coraline, another Neil Gaiman feature adaptation. It was even supposed to be released this year in October.

The stop-motion project was put to rest after Selick and Disney couldn’t agree on scheduling and development.

Now the Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive story that Ron Howard is in negotiations to take over as director. The adaptation will also now be live-action instead of stop-motion.

The Graveyard Book is about a boy named Nobody Owens, a boy raised by ghosts in a cemetery after his family is killed. As a teen his family’s killer returns to finish the job. The children’s book is the only one to ever win both the Newbery and Carnegie awards for best children’s book.

If Howard does sign on he will assume multiple responsibilities besides directing. He would get a pass at re-writing the script. It is likely he would also become a producer and bring Brian Grazer onto the project.

Howard and Grazer run Imagine Entertainment together.

Before Howard can get to work on The Graveyard Book he must finish Rush, a racing drama starring Chris Hemsworth. That film is set for an October release this year. It is unlikely Howard would have The Graveyard Book ready to be released this October as well.

Here is the book trailer for The Graveyard Book:

Do you think Ron Howard has what it takes to direct a live-action Graveyard Book feature film?