Princess Charlotte’s Stately Sneeze Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

W.C. Fields said that you should never work with animals or children, likely because they steal the show and Princess Charlotte proved that adage true with the cute sneeze seen around the world. The petite princess either has a touch of hay fever or a photic sneeze reflex and did a big ahh-choo on her way down the steps from St. George’s Chapel at the royal wedding of her uncle Prince Harry and her new auntie, Meghan Markle.

As the adorable Charlotte walked down the steps, holding the hand of her mother, Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge) you can see her having that moment when you get the tickle and feel the urge, and then she lets loose with the cutest sneeze anyone has seen in a long time, according to Pop Sugar.

And in the category of “royal toddlers, they are just like ours,” Charlotte sneezes right into the palm of her hand and can later be seen holding hands with the other flower girls and page boys. To their credit, both Princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton took the impromptu sneeze in stride and continued down the stairs to join the rest of the wedding party.

And further proving that she is a royal pro at age 3, Charlotte went right back to smiling and waving at the crowd without asking her mum for a tissue or wiping her wet little hand on her beautiful white dress.

Royal wedding photographer Alexi Lubomirski was able to take some amazing photos of Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and the rest of the children in the wedding party, and he used a technique often used in dog training.

Royal watcher Omid Scobie told Town & Country that the photographer hatched his plan early in the day by giving the kids Smarties (not the sugary candy, like in the U.S., but in the U.K. they are more like a smaller M&M).

“[Alexi] says he got all the kids (and possibly even Harry & Meghan) to grin for their #RoyalWedding portrait by calling out ‘Who likes Smarties?’ as they had been getting them as treats throughout the day????.”

But Princess Charlotte’s cute sneeze wasn’t the only precious moment of the day caught on film. While it’s likely that photographers didn’t know what they had until they looked back at their shots, little Charlotte flashed a royal raspberry out of the window of the car, sticking her tongue out as the car drove by in the wedding procession.

After seeing the photo, some older royal followers remembered that her uncle, Prince Harry, was also known to do this as a little guy, sticking his tongue out at photographers even when others in the photo were stoic.