Tom Brady To Skip New England Patriots’ OTAs, Signaling Problems Still Exist

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was a notable no-show on Monday at Gillette Stadium for the Patriots’ voluntary workouts. Tom Brady is expected to skip OTAs entirely and it is not a good sign from anyone involved.

Depending on who you ask, Tom Brady’s absence during the Patriots’ OTAs can be viewed as another sign of division between the superstar and his head coach, Bill Belichick. The two have reportedly had mounting tension throughout last season, reports CBS Sports.

Hurt feelings between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick has quietly turned into a power struggle. It centered around Belichick’s relationship with then-Patriots’ backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in the beginning. Tensions likely escalated as a result of Bill Belichick’s decision to sit cornerback Malcom Butler in the Super Bowl.

No one made much of a fuss over Malcolm Butler not starting in the game. However, as time went on, Belichick’s decision to not play Butler at all was a huge miscalculation that cost the New England Patriots the win in the eyes of many. Tom Brady supported Butler, as most of his Patriots’ teammates had.

The Malcom Butler benching has led to some divisiveness in the Patriots’ locker room. If that belief is proven, it will be another reason to think that the Patriots could be headed for an implosion.

The Athletic was the first media outlet citing sources that Tom Brady, along with Rob Gronkowski, will skip New England Patriots OTAs, which are held this week. It is a decision that looked as terrible as it seems.

Problems between Tom Brady and New England Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick begun to reach the surface last year.

Tom Brady went with the New England Patriots decisions for his entire tenure, until recently. Now things have drastically changed.

Signs of discord between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick may be the blame for the trade of Jimmy Garoppolo, courtesy of Bleacher Report. Tom Brady, who will turn 41-years-old in August, wants to continue playing, while Bill Belichick is thinking about years down the line.

There were clear signs of Bill Belichick developing a relationship with Jimmy Garoppolo. On the outside looking in, everything seems to be professional jealousy. Which member of the Patriots has it consumed more is debatable at this point.

Tom Brady skipping Patriots OTAs is symbolic. Brady is the leader of the Patriots and as of now, he is not present. Tom Brady has suggested that he is looking forward to having time off and be away from football. However, Brady maintains a desire to continue playing. It is a conundrum.

The New England Patriots, as we know them, could be coming apart at the seams, starting yesterday. Tom Brady skipping out on the Patriots’ OTAs suggests that an end of an era is near. Also, the Patriots will likely be in a peculiar spot once Tom Brady leaves.

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