Bo Derek Is Still A ’10’ At Age 61 Thanks To Healthy Diet And Swimming Workouts

Former ’70s kitten Bo Derek is still a “10” at age 61, thanks to an active lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, horseback riding, and swimming workouts.

Derek became a household name after starring in the hit 1979 film 10, where her sleek bikini body and wholesome good looks were celebrated as the Perfect 10, or the pinnacle of female beauty. Almost four decades later, Bo remains a beauty and fitness icon thanks to her age-defying looks.

Derek, who has lived on a 110-acre ranch in Santa Ynez, California, for years, doesn’t follow a restrictive diet or exercise obsessively. Her active lifestyle caring for her many horses and dogs keep her naturally slim and toned.

“Breakfast is not my favorite meal of the day, so it might be a bowl of oatmeal, boiled eggs or my favorite Danish pancakes,” Derek told WomenFitness.Net. “After morning chores and a little office work, I head to the pool at the YMCA for a mile swim, hopefully three days a week. I hate exercise and am quite expert at talking myself out of it.”

“Life around the ranch will keep you fit. Actually, cleaning your house can be a great workout. I’m not one for gyms.”

Unlike her Hollywood peers, Bo’s anti-aging beauty secrets don’t include excessive plastic surgery or Botox injections.

“I get credit on one hand for not having had a facelift, and then on the other hand it’s, ‘Oh my God, why doesn’t she do something?'” Derek told CBS News (see video). “So you’re just torn.”

Despite looking fantastic for her age, Derek admits getting older is rough. “Aging is really hard, and it’s tough,” Bo said. “Bette Davis was right: It’s not for sissies, it really isn’t.”

While her entire career was based on her striking beauty, Bo isn’t desperately trying to cling on to her sex-symbol status.

“I realize how artificial it is, beauty,” she said. “I realize that it doesn’t last forever. That’s for damn sure.”

Bo was married for 22 years to director John Derek before he died in 1998 at the age of 71. She has been dating Sex and the City star John Corbett, 57, since 2002. The couple happily lives together on her ranch, but has no plans to get married or have children.

Bo Derek says she’s now the happiest she has ever been. “That doesn’t mean I have it all together and that I don’t fall apart sometimes,” she said. “But that’s got to be the trade-off for your physical deterioration — your mind gets better and you’re happy about yourself.”

Another 1970s sex symbol who looks incredible today is Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter, who’s still a goddess at age 66.

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