Doctor Sikander Imran Gets 20-Year Sentence For Slipping Abortion Pill Into Pregnant Girlfriend’s Drink

After spiking his girlfriend’s drink with pills that caused a spontaneous abortion, Dr. Sikander Imran will now serve hard time in prison for his crime. Imran was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Friday and faces deportation once he is freed. But thanks to his unknowing victim, the doctor will only be behind bars for three of those 20 years.

Imran admitted to drugging Brooke Fiske who had informed him last April that she was 17 weeks pregnant with his son. Fiske was at Imran’s home where they planned to discuss how they would move forward with the pregnancy and their relationship. Imran instead made the decision for Fiske. He crushed several Misoprostol pills, mixed them into a cup of tea, and gave it to his then-girlfriend.

Within hours of ingesting the drug, Fiske went into labor. Doctors at the Virginia Hospital System ran tests on the woman and discovered that the pills given to her by Imran caused the pregnancy to terminate. In June, Imran was charged with premeditated murder and illegally inducing an abortion or miscarriage.

Imran pleaded guilty to fetal homicide and was sentenced in an Arlington County, Va., court. Citing issues with his mental health, both Imran’s attorney and Fiske asked the judge for leniency at sentencing.

Imran’s attorney argued that Imran is mentally unstable and therefore wasn’t in his right mind when he drugged Fiske. And Fiske said that while his crime warranted punishment, she did not believe that prison time would be the best thing for Imran in the long-run. Fiske said that Imran is sick and needs treatment.

WJLA-TV News reported that Fiske has decided to turn the tragic event into something positive. She told the judge that it is more important for those who are battling mental illness, including depression, to get help before acting irrationally. Fiske believes that they can both move on with their lives in spite of the death of their son.

“To me, the length of time that he serves in prison isn’t what’s important,” Fiske told WJLA-TV. “I think that it is really important that people know that if they are dealing with depression before they do something, they should reach out and get help.”

Dr. Sikander Imran has been stripped of his license to practice medicine as a result of the verdict. There is a strong likelihood that he will be deported to Pakistan once his sentence is served.

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