‘Playboy’ Model Stephanie Adams & 7-Year-Old Son Jump To Deaths From NYC High-Rise

In a heartbreaking end to what was proving to be a volatile situation, a former Playboy model who received a settlement from the NYPD for rough treatment has committed suicide and has taken her 7-year-old son with her.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Playboy model Stephanie Adams, 46, and her son, Vincent, jumped to their deaths from the 25th floor of a New York City building. An employee at the historic Gotham Hotel found them on the ground and called police immediately.

It is believed — though not yet confirmed — that the reason Adams jumped to her death had to do with her bitter custody battle with her ex-husband, chiropractor Charles Nicolai.

Nicolai and Adams were reported to have a very volatile relationship — their custody exchanges were so bad, in fact, that they had to conduct them at a police precinct.

Nicolai had also recently successfully petitioned the courts for Vincent’s passport to be turned over, so Adams couldn’t leave the country with him.

Adams wasn’t just a Playboy model. She was an entrepreneur of sorts, who had a skincare line, wrote metaphysical books, and even released her own line of tarot cards and astrology readings.

She claimed to be the descendant of two U.S. presidents and also claimed to have royal European lineage.

But the former Playboy model also came with her own set of demons. According to CBS News, in 2006, she was awarded a settlement from the city of New York for getting roughed up by the police. They falsely accused her of pulling a gun on them, and as a result, they roughed her up. The $1.2 million award from the jury was $350,000 more than Adams’ attorney had requested.

Adams claimed that as a result of the NYPD using excessive and unnecessary force, she had permanent neck and back injuries.

The judge upheld the verdict upon the appeal of the city.

No further details about the Playboy model and her son’s funeral services have been made public.

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