‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers For Wed. May 9: Jack Spirals Out Of Control & Dina Suffers Setback

Francis SpeckerCBS Express

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Wednesday, May 9 see an entire family ripped apart as one member spirals desperately out of control while its matriarch suffers a serious health setback that could have long-lasting consequences.

Thanks to Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Victor (Eric Braeden) scheming, Jack (Peter Bergman) got ambushed with the truth at the viewing of the film that Charlie (Noah Alexander Gerry) put together, and Jack struggles mightily with the emotional aftermath of his mother’s bombshell secret.

Of course, Charlie takes some of the heat for the unexpected clip of Dina (Marla Adams) revealing Jack’s paternity secret being in the final version of the film. Jack immediately places the blame on the young filmmaker. However, according to She Knows Soaps, Cane (Daniel Goddard) steps up to defend his son against allegations that he somehow had something to do with including such a devastating family secret and springing it on Jack in front of everybody.

Jack sees that Victor crashed his party, and he just knows that The Moustache had something to do with the big reveal. After realizing Charlie isn’t the culprit, Jack may just direct his overwhelming anger at Victor instead, and Genoa City will see these two business Titans clash once again. Unfortunately for Jack, it looks like Kyle takes Victor’s side but rather than ruin him, this devastating paternity news might just inspire Jack to become as ruthless as Victor.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all the screaming and shouting in the aftermath of the shocking footage revealing her secret, Dina (Marla Adams) suffers a major health setback as her condition worsens. She has Alzheimer’s, and lately, she’s finding herself slipping more and more in time. One moment she may know exactly where she is and who everybody is but the next, she’s slipped back in time, and she has no clue where she is or who she’s with.

Although ultimately, Dina and her cheating on John led to this absolutely outrageous paternity reveal, Jack’s not willing to place the blame on his ailing mother. Because of her disease, nobody can get a straight answer out of her about the truth of the situation, either.