'Free!' Season 3 Anime Trailer, Key Visual, Cast Released Showing 'Free! Dive To The Future' Characters

A new Free! Season 3 anime trailer preview video and key visual have been released ahead of the upcoming Free! Season 3 release date. The third season of the series is being called Free! Dive To The Future, and it will be the sequel to the movie Free! Take Your Marks! movie that was released in Japan. In addition, a special "Episode 0" will be screened, and this episode will not be included in the third season of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club.

Kyoto Animation has begun streaming a teaser trailer video showing off Free! Dive To The Future. The video shows the anime production cast, staff, and opening theme song. Director Eisaku Kawanami helmed the Free! Take Your Marks! movie, and he will be directing the third anime series. The screenplay will be written by Masahiro Yokotani. Futoshi Nishiya returns as the character designer and chief animation director while Tatsuya Kat is also returning as the music composer. OLDCODEX will perform an opening theme song called "Heading To Over."

The Free! Dive To The Future release date is scheduled for July 2018, although an exact premiere date was not listed. The number of episodes for the third season has not yet been announced. Free! Season 3 will also have a special Episode 0 that will not air as a normal anime TV show episode. Two special screening events will be held in Japan on June 23 called Kizuna (Bond) and Yakusoku (Promise). Besides Episode 0, fans who watch the screening will get to see Free! Season 3, Episode 1. People who buy the Blu-Ray and DVD box sets for Free! Timeless Medley will receive an application form that gives them priority sale tickets for the screening events.

The anime series was originally based on a two-volume light novel series written by author Koji Oji, but the current season will be all anime original stories. The Free! Take Your Marks! movie was based on four anime original stories set in early spring, and it is a sequel to the anime episode compilation film Free! Timeless Medley. The last movie told the story of Haruka and Makoto's high school graduation while everyone else tried to figure out what to do with their future. Rin traveled to Australia to continue his training.
In Free! Season 3, Haruka is attending college in Tokyo and meets Asahi again. Makoto is striving toward awakening his dreams while in Tokyo with Haruka. Meanwhile, Rin is in Sydney and has an unexpected meeting.