Dolores Leis, Donald Trump resemblance

Donald Trump Bears A Striking Resemblance To Dolores Leis, A Female Farmer From Spain

Rachel Tsoumbakos - Author

Apr. 26 2018, Updated 9:51 p.m. ET

If you want to ask Dolores Leis what she thinks about her uncanny resemblance to U.S. President Donald Trump, there’s no point looking on social media for her. Instead, you will need to head to northwestern Spain to speak to Dolores in person.

According to Yahoo!, Dolores is not concerned with U.S. politics or Donald Trump. And, unlike Trump, she has no interest in current technology. Leis doesn’t own a mobile phone, nor is she interested with perusing the internet and hanging out on social media. In fact, her daughters have been the ones to keep her up to date about how famous she has become since her image went viral and people started comparing her to Trump.

“I look at everything that my daughters show me, but it never stung my curiosity to have [a phone],” Leis revealed.

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Last week, a journalist covering farming in Spain discovered a woman working her fields, snapped a shot, and uploaded it to Instagram. With hoe in hand, Dolores Leis was looking behind her. Perhaps she was planning what to do next after having just completed planting her potato crop, or maybe she was worried about the moth plague that is threatening this crop.

What she probably wasn’t thinking about was how much of a resemblance she bore to the president of the United States of America. With her hair swept back, it is easy to see how Dolores looks like Donald Trump. However, the humble farmer says it is her hair that makes people think she looks like Trump.

“I say that it must be because of the colour of the hair,” Ms Leis revealed to the La Voz de Galicia newspaper during the week.

The 64-year-old potato farmer is from Costa da Morte, also known as the Death Coast since this region is rocky and notorious for shipwrecks along the coastline.

While some are wanting to know Dolores’ opinion on U.S. political issues, others are questioning if Donald Trump heralds from the Spanish location. One Instagram user even referred to Dolores as Trump’s Galician sister.

However, it is unlikely Trump and Leis are related and Leis will continue with potato farming long after her internet fame has blown over.


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