David Blaine Literally Swallows Frog And Sews Mouth Shut On ‘The Tonight Show”

He’s known as one of the best and craziest magicians in the world for a reason.

In last night’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, David Blaine took the stage to share a few magic tricks with the audience. But not many people were prepared for what was about to unfold on stage.

To kick off the trick, Tonight Show guest Priyanka Chopra, two members of the Roots, Jimmy Fallon, and David Blaine all take center stage to watch Blaine perform one of his newest magic tricks for the audience. From the get-go, Priyanka and Jimmy were both very nervous as Fallon confessed that he didn’t go to rehearsals this afternoon for a reason. On the other hand, Chopra kept on saying how nervous she was before Blaine even began his trick.

Before he begins, Blaine asks Jimmy if he can borrow his phone before handing it over to Priyanka so she can film the trick. Soon after, Chopra seems confused as David pulls out thread from his pocket.

“What are you stitching?” she asks.

The magician then threads the needle, holds up Jimmy’s phone to his face, and begins stitching his mouth together as the audience gasps in disbelief.

“Guys, there’s blood on it and everything!”

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In a short amount of time, Blaine finishes sewing his mouth as the audience continues to gasp in disbelief. Blaine then pulls out a deck of cards and asks Chopra to pick a card and then show it to the audience. She picks a card and then David takes the card that Chopra selected and has Fallon help him tear the corner of it off. Chopra then puts the card back and Blaine throws the whole deck into the air.

Things then take another weird twist as David hands Fallon scissors to cut the string from his mouth. Once he is un-sewed, the magician then regurgitates the other half of the card, holding it next to the piece that Fallon had ripped off, proving it was a match. And if that wasn’t enough excitement for one show, Blaine then asks for a glass of water before regurgitating a frog into the glass.

To end the segment, Blaine then drinks the glass of water, including the frog.

If you can stomach it, check out the video above.

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