‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Adam Lind Has Two Warrants Out For His Arrest, Reports ‘Radar Online’

Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind is in legal trouble yet again. Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy reportedly has another warrant out for his arrest after he failed to appear in court last month.

According to an April 24 report by Radar Online, Adam Lind was scheduled to appear in court on March 7 regarding a Nov. 2 arrest for simple domestic assault. However, the Teen Mom 2 dad skipped the court appearance and now a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Adam Lind was reportedly charged with “attempting to cause bodily injury to another,” as well as other charges such as “recklessly causing bodily injury” and more. Just a few weeks after the arrest, the former Teen Mom 2 star was arrested again for violating the no-contact order against his ex-girlfriend, who is named in the case.

The latest arrest warrant makes two for Adam Lind, who already had a warrant out for his arrest due to being behind on his child support. The first warrant was issued back in February when he fell behind in his child support payments. As many Teen Mom 2 fans already know, Adam has two children. He shares his oldest daughter, Aubree, with Chelsea Houska, as well as another daughter, Paislee, with his ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur.

Insiders reveal that Adam Lind currently owes Taylor Halbur over $16,000 in back child support, and the warrant is still active. Teen Mom 2 viewers know that Adam is no stranger to the legal system. He’s been arrested multiple times over the years and has been in and out of court for custody and child support issues as well. Back in January, Lind’s custody agreement with Chelsea Houska was altered, and his visitation was limited to a supervised center. The change was made after the former reality star failed a court-ordered drug test by testing positive for meth.

Adam’s daughter currently spends one weekend a month with his parents at their home, but Adam is not allowed to be present at the house while Aubree is with her grandparents. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Adam Lind broke the custody agreement over the Easter holiday when Chelsea Houska allowed Aubree to spend some unscheduled time at her grandparent’s home and Lind showed up to see his daughter without permission. Sources reveal that Houska was “livid” and won’t make that same mistake again.

Teen Mom 2 returns to MTV for a new season in May.

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