D.C. Lawmaker Responds To False News Report Claiming That He Left A Holocaust Museum Tour Early

Washington, D.C., Councilman Trayon White took to his Facebook page to respond to a news report that he left a guided tour of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum early. The Ward 8 representative stated in a video filmed on MLK Jr. Boulevard that he stayed the entire time.

The Washington Post story came out on the heels of prior accusations of anti-semitism causing members of the Jewish community to call for White’s resignation. White says he is not stepping down.

Several weeks ago, White asserted that the Rothschild family controlled the climate and the U.S. government for its own personal gain, according to the Washington Post. White has apologized for offending Jewish people, and then sought out an open dialogue with members of the community.

White said that he wanted to gain an even deeper understanding of the plight of Jews, so he decided to have his staff accompany him to the museum for a guided tour. But White insisted that there be no cameras, nor any press to document the visit, as this trip was not one meant for publicity.

In Saturday’s video message, the councilman explained that he was being followed by a reporter. Rather than distract the group, he and another staffer broke away and continued to tour on their own. White’s message to those who doubt his account of events is simple: go to the tapes. The “unbought and unbossed” lawmaker has nothing to hide and no need to lie.

Holocaust Museum

White has made it clear that he has no intention of apologizing any further for the remarks he made about the Rothschilds. He says that he has learned a valuable lesson and is moving on from the situation with a better understanding. The councilman also stands by his support of the work that the Nation of Islam has done and continues to do in the community.

“I am not resigning, I’m not backing down, I’m not discouraged, I’m not depressed, so run all the media stories you want because my people are going to support me,” White said.


The lawmaker is focused on fighting to end food deserts in Ward 8, bring another hospital to the area, stimulate the local economy, and restore youth programs. He has witnessed rapid divestment happening and will not be distracted by the media’s false reporting.

White says that he has the backing of the people and that trying to thwart his good works would be problematic for his opposition. He says that he works for God and serves the people; criticism comes with the territory.

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