Touching Video Of WWE Superstars Bayley And Seth Rollins Greeting Fans In South Africa And Taking Questions

The WWE is wrapping up a tour of South Africa and audiences have been giving the shows huge accolades. The WWE describes the tour as family-friendly events, and the biggest names in the company performed, names like Finn Balor, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, Bayley, and Seth Rollins, among others.

The WWE put on two shows in Cape Town over a two-night period that concluded on April 19. But before the WWE headed to Pretoria, Seth Rollins and Bayley were guests on the popular morning show KFM Mornings on KFM 94.5. Hosted by Darren, Sherlin, and Sibs, the trio were awed by fans’ reactions.

As seen in the video below, Bayley and Rollins received a touching response from the WWE universe. One fan, Joshua, was so overcome with emotion that all he could do was cry, and Rollins and Bayley gave the fan a big hug. Seth Rollins said that their fanbase is “wild.” He said it was crazy how they can travel across the world and get that response, and that it was “cool and humbling.”

Bayley and Seth reminisced on how they started wrestling in garages, and now they are wrestling for the WWE in South Africa. Bayley encouraged the fans to fight for their dreams, and Rollins plugged his wrestling school. The two superstars then took questions from the audience.

Some of the questions asked were about fantasy matchups, and one fan asked about Dean Ambrose returning. Endearingly, Joshua returned to ask the superstars, when did the WWF change to the WWE? It was a logical question since, Bayley and Seth work for the company.

While Rollins was taken back a bit by the trivia question, Bayley was quick to respond correctly with 2002. She revealed that she knew the answer because at the time she was in seventh-grade “newspaper class” and wrote a paper on it.

Everyone involved in the show seemed to love the experience, and WWE is sure to be welcomed back during their next tour. Both Bayley and Rollins appeared humbled by the whole experience, and they sent their love to all the fans and gave their thanks.

The WWE tour of South Africa concludes on April 21, in Johannesburg.

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