Andy Cohen Is Having Fun In London, Taking Selfies And Apparently Not Impressing The Locals

Watch What Happens Live‘s Andy Cohen makes no secret of the fact that he is a serious jet setter, whether that means having a good time in Tahiti with his friends, traveling with Anderson Cooper, or even heading to Los Angeles in order to host episodes of WWHL featuring many of the Bravo reality stars for a week. In his latest adventure, it seems that Cohen has traveled to London, and based on the selfies he has posted to his social media, it appears as if he is definitely having fun.

According to Bravo’s Jet Set, Andy Cohen is enjoying his time in London as he relives some of his younger years. In one selfie posted to his Instagram, the WWHL host was apparently on the London Underground with some other travelers when he decided he needs a picture. Cohen captioned his post by saying that he was “feeling like I’m still on my Junior Year abroad! Yes, I’m kinda puckering my lips and attempting to smize. (I did neither when I was a Junior in college.)” He followed up by saying that after he took the selfie, the train actually filled up with people, so it was a good thing that “the selfie gds [sic] were really on my side today.”

However, it seems that after he took the selfie, Andy Cohen decided to look at the people who were behind him in the picture. On his Instagram story, the WWHL host decided to evaluate what the other commuters on the London Underground were thinking. In one of the closeups, Cohen zooms in on a guy watching him take his selfie with a rather “dubious” look on his face. Andy Cohen captioned the picture by simply saying that this guy was watching him take a picture of himself. Then in a second post to his story, the WWHL host zoomed in on another commuter who also seemed to be watching him take his selfie. This time though the caption reads, “another mortified Brit unimpressed with my selfie skills.”

Even if the other commuters on the London Underground were unimpressed with Andy Cohen taking selfies on the train, that did not stop the talk show host from having a good time. In fact, another snap from his Instagram story shows another selfie, with a caption that said, “I am having entirely too much fun riding the tube,” followed by another that said, “it’s 500 times more fun than the subway.”

It looks like Andy Cohen is having fun in London, even if most of his fun seems to be coming from taking pictures of himself on the train. Although taking selfies might not be the only thing Cohen is doing while he is in London, he certainly seemed to enjoy his commute.

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