Norman Reedus Addresses Daryl Dixon’s Possible Betrayal Of Rick Grimes In ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9

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The season finale of The Walking Dead Season 8 certainly brought the war to an end but “Wrath” also hinted at more conflict brewing in the future. Rick Grimes made a controversial decision to keep Negan alive and imprison the villain, a move that did not sit well with his friends. The episode concluded with Maggie Rhee somehow enlisting Jesus and Daryl Dixon in a secret mission to prove Rick wrong in The Walking Dead Season 9.

The scene was met with shock and disbelief due to the people involved. Although it is understandable that Maggie would want to avenge the murder of her husband Glenn, fans simply couldn’t believe that Jesus or Daryl would actually turn against Rick. Not surprisingly, Norman Reedus was quick to address the rumors. According to, the star of The Walking Dead Season 9 has spoken up about Daryl’s plans when the series returns to AMC later this year.

Fans have usually relied on Norman Reedus’ social media accounts for updates on his current projects. In addition to that, the Ride with Norman Reedus star is known for responding to his followers’ shoutout. Reedus recently shared an awesome fan-made tribute to Daryl Dixon on his official Twitter account and left an interesting message for people who are concerned about his character betraying Rick in The Walking Dead Season 9.

This is certainly a relief for fans who have been following the friendship between Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon. After all, the two characters have bonded despite what Rick did to Daryl’s brother Merle in the first season. The duo is expected to be the only people who can lead their fellow survivors properly in The Walking Dead Season 9.

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But does this mean Daryl was not onboard when Maggie plotted against Rick in the recent season finale? There is little doubt that Daryl wants to see Negan dead but he might not be eager to turn against an old friend just to get to the villain. Hopefully, the survivors will be able to compromise about Negan’s fate in The Walking Dead Season 9.


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The Walking Dead Season 9 is expected to air on AMC later this year.