‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Bill Threatens Dr. Phillips To Expose Paternity Test Error, Steam Mortified

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Liam and Steffy continue to bond and it is likely that they will reunite soon. However, Bill is determined to break them apart so the reunion is not going to happen easily. Expect obstacles along the way as it is clear that Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) will never leave Steam’s marriage alone.

While Bill previously relied on Hope – to take Liam away from Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), he will now take the matters on his own hands because it appears that she failed to convince Liam that she is the right woman for him. On the other hand, aside from Ridge, Taylor (Hunter Tylo), is also doing what she can to protect her daughter, Steffy, from Bill’s nasty schemes.

As per Soap She Knows, Taylor confronted Bill and asked him to stop interfering with Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy’s life. As a response, Bill will promise that he will refrain from meddling, but it seems that he has hidden plans already so he may not keep his words. This is not something new anyway as he is known to have a bad habit of not honoring his promises.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers show that Bill is likely to break his promise. He realized that life is too short to waste so he will do anything as he pleases and go after what he wants, which includes making Steffy his wife.

But as he can see that his son and daughter-in-law are slowly fixing their marriage, he will be on high alert and will look for a way to halt their growing bond. After thinking it over, Bill found the perfect solution and it is so cruel that Liam and Steffy were totally devastated.


Bill’s Sick Scheme

Bill has not given up on Steffy. In fact, he seems to have become even more smitten as days go by. He can’t stop himself from wanting his daughter-in-law to be his so he devised a foolproof plan, and it will require the participation of Dr. Phillips!

Previously on CBS spoilers, Steffy signed up for a paternity test because the timing of her pregnancy coincides with the time when she slept with her father-in-law. Although she felt sure that Liam is the father, Bill also pushed her to get the test.

Bill has the potential to be the baby daddy but it was believed that he manipulated the results to make it appear that Liam fathers Steffy’s child. At that time, Bill wants his son and his wife to be happy together so he may have done something for the paternity documents to show Liam as the father.

But things have changed now. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say that Bill will rock Los Angeles as he stirs up big trouble. Dr. Phillips (Robin Givens) is coming back to the city and she has some shocking news to reveal.

Bill could have blackmailed Dr. Phillips to modify the paternity results and tell Liam and Steffy that she made an error. The doctor may ask for forgiveness for her serious mistake and would say that Bill is the real dad.

This is a surefire way of getting Steffy but more twists are on the way for the viewers. Anything can happen on The Bold and the Beautiful so stay tuned. It airs weekdays on CBS daytime block.

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