John Krasinski Shares A Conversation He Had About Farting In ‘A Quiet Place’

At its core, the movie, A Quiet Place, is about how even a single noise can lead to death because of the monsters which have apparently taken over the world. For John Krasinski, who not only starred in the movie, but was also its director, it was important to consider every single noise a person could potentially make, including bodily noises, such as coughs, sneezes, and even farts.

According to Cinema Blend, it seems that Krasinski really did think about how one would fart in A Quiet Place. The actor revealed that he actually had a conversation with Noah Jupe, the young actor who plays his son in the movie, about bodily noises and how one would work to keep those noises from attracting the attention of the monsters.

John Krasinski said that Jupe asked him outright, “what happens if we need to cough.” He then explained to the younger actor that these characters would know to muffle the sound with a pillow. However, coughing was not the only bodily function that Noah Jupe was curious about, and he even acted as a sounding board of sorts for the director, as he considered what other noises would need to be hidden, according to Empire.

However, it seems this question and conversation got Krasinski thinking, as he said that he could, “only imagine now little Noah putting a pillow on his behind and farting into a pillow, knowing that it would save his life. Just try to crop-dust, as long as they’re not loud and violent you’re going to be fine.”

John Krasinski said that in the world of A Quiet Place, you have to be careful of the noises that even your body makes, and if you can determine that a sneeze or a fart will be silent, then you will be fine. He said that if you can make that ultimate determination, then in the end everything will be okay.

Although these comments may seem rather funny and come off as if John Krasinski is joking around, it is actually a serious topic in light of the direction that A Quiet Place went with how noise can lead to death. While the monsters of the movie are clearly the enemy of people, the fact that these monsters hunt using sound makes the noises that a person makes just as deadly. In a world where noise means death, and silence is how one survives, even the smallest sound can make all the difference.

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